Emmy Nordstrom Higdon
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Two specific #MSWL items that will be on my list when I reopen to queries:
1, survivors of family "reunification" programs (like Building Family Bridges), fictionalized or NF accounts
2, fiction that explores the unique friendships between gay men and lesbians

Alex Aceves
mexico city girl in bkln. likes the 🍷 not the 🏷. lets other pens dwell on guilt&misery. associate editor @HolidayHouseBks , writer by night. opinions my own.

4. books about the dynamics of friendship groups—I’d love something YA or MG with the feel of NOW & THEN, but more diverse (Celia Pérez’ STRANGE BIRDS does this really well, eg)

Penny Moore
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at @AevitasCreative .🇰🇷혼혈. Cat Mom. Opinions are my own. Here’s a resource if you need it: literaryagentsofcolor.com
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In middle grade, I’m always hungry for action, adventure, magic, and humor. It can be fantasy or contemporary, or a little bit of both. Give me your fresh takes on magical school settings or just fun friendship stories filled with hijinks. #MSWL

Ashley Lopez
Literary Agent
Agent @waxmanlit . Co-Founder @PigeonPagesNYC . Literature and Canine enthusiast. She/Her.
Replying to @WaxmanLit

Happy #MSWL Day! I’d love to see…

Generally fic that gets a little weird and makes me feel things (see Lisa Taddeo’s ANIMAL, Jessamine Chan’s THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD MOTHERS)

A YA crossover witchy or obsessive girlhood friendship

An unusual & chaotic contemp workplace romance

Kristie Choi
Acquiring EA @ Atheneum (S&S) | she/her 🌈💗💛💙 최민지, Korean-Am, cottagecore meets a punky morbid grandma, waterbender, sex/kink-positive leftist Christian

MG: stories highlighting the beauty of kids going through difficult things and complicated family dynamics; experiences of first love and crushes esp of queer kids discovering themselves; misfits finding connection, friendship, and the stirrings of desire.

Elizabeth Lee
☁️ Editor at Penguin Workshop, an imprint of @penguinteen and @penguinkids ☁️ Opera singer & stress baker ☁️ Author as @elshenwrites She/her #WNDB #POCinPub

- contemporary, slice-of-life stories with an abundance of middle school drama
- light fantasy adventures and folktales
- sister stories, friendship breakups, first crushes

Tanera Simons
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Darley Anderson📚 📖 All views my own.

Speaking of toxic, I raced through SUCCESSION and love how it confronts our obsession with wealth while exploring the rot it creates within family/friends/relationships (8/12)

Tanera Simons
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Darley Anderson📚 📖 All views my own.

G+F is such a joyous triumph of celebrating female friendships, untraditional families, older protagonists, and life after love (6/12)

Tanera Simons
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Darley Anderson📚 📖 All views my own.

Friendship and family dynamics endlessly fascinate me, from the juicy drama of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to the more wholesome GRACE AND FRANKIE (5/12)

Saskia Leach
Literary Assistant
📖 Agent’s Assistant at @KNLitAgency and Secretary of the AAA Bridge Committee 💬 "You chose looks. I chose books." 📚 #RespectRomFic
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#amwriting & #amquerying writers, I'm looking for contemporary cosy crime in an unconventional setting, a character-driven WW2 story with female espionage (think Heather Morris), and a Lucy Foley-esque locked room psychological thriller that revolves around toxic friendship #mswl

Meg Gaertner
Senior editor @fluxbooks + @jollyfishpress . YA fantasy/sci-fi writer. Swing dancer. Music lover. Philosophizer. Tweets are my own. she/her. meggaertner.com

In any YA genre:
-LGBTQIA+ representation
-racial or cultural diversity
-male lead characters who subvert toxic masculinity
-found families and diverse ensemble casts
-strong friendships / platonic love stories
-protagonists as changemakers and activists

Daniele Hunter
Literary Agent
Junior Agent, @mcintoshandotis , KidLit!! Queer, disabled. Wife/cat lady; she/her. Ambidextrous optimist. #WeNeedDiverseBooks #BrainTumorSurvivor #Endometriosis

I also love stories featuring relationships—the good, the bad, and everything in between: friendship and found family, “friend break-up”, complicated family dynamics. And I adore romance (especially LGBTQIA+!), but prefer it as a subplot.

Christa Heschke
Literary Agent
Children's Literary Agent, @McIntoshandOtis , movie-fanatic, dreamer, kid-at-heart, #GoPackGo , Western NY born and bred.
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Specifics I'd love to see:

-Light, humorous fantasy without end-of-the-world stakes


-Stories with band geeks, artists-any kind front and center

-Friend break-ups

-A platonic male/female friendship that is the core of the story and is never romantic

Christa Heschke
Literary Agent
Children's Literary Agent, @McIntoshandOtis , movie-fanatic, dreamer, kid-at-heart, #GoPackGo , Western NY born and bred.
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PB – Stories with environmental tie-ins (I’m especially drawn to stories about protecting oceans and the animals that live there). I also am a fan of unlikely friendship stories, especially with two very different animals—I really enjoy the ones that are true stories especially!

Alexandra Weiss
Literary Agent
Associate agent at Azantian Literary. Book lover, space enthusiast, dream chaser. (Closed to queries!) She/her. 💖💜💙 Profile pic: @KaneIcarusLynch
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Things I DO love/DO want to see: unconventional magic systems, astronomy, page-turning thrillers, queer love, passionate characters w/ uncommon hobbies, enemies-to-lovers, friendship breakups, teen sleuths, stories not set in the US, body positivity, zombies


Bibi Lewis
Literary Agent
Agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Lifelong New Yorker and forever bookworm. she/her
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I would also love to see more Upmarket and Commercial/Women’s fiction (think compulsive book club fiction). I know this can be a broad category, but I am particularly drawn to books that play with power structures, friendship dynamics and odd familial structures. #MSWL

Laurel Symonds
Literary Agent
Literary agent at @ktliterary (closed to queries). I tweet about books and desserts in equal measure. My dog is the best office assistant ever. She/her
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- Feel good stories that center female friendship + group dynamics a la Babysitters Club or teen-versions of League of Their Own + Call the Midwife
- Witches
(6/7 #MSWL)

The Tobias Literary Agency
Literary Agency
A full-service literary agency representing authors of fiction and nonfiction.
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Stefanie Rossitto #MSWL: would love to see more stories around a mature group of diverse female friends!

Amber Oliver
senior editor @BloomsburyPub . Bronx bred. Writer. Rep: Rachel Kim @3artsent . Thoughts=my own. She/her. IG: bamtastic07

Specifically, I'm looking for complex family sagas that span decades (must include a contemporary component). Stories about friendships and the ways those bonds build and sometimes fracture. Sibling stories. Novels about home, belonging, lineage, legacy, and inheritance. 3/10