Ann Rose
Literary Agent
agent: @TheTobiasAgency & #rosebudauthor wrangler | author: ROAD TO EUGENICA & BREAKOUT | opinions are my own | she/her rep:@evascalzo layout:@ana_scribe
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To go with this, I'd love more stories that not just deal with women and their issues overall but also ones that deal with friendships as we get older - how they evolve, change, and how we make friends as adults (it's not easy) #MSWL

Jessica Felleman
Literary Agent
Agent @JLyonsAgency1 , Writer, Marshmallow enthusiast she/her more active on IG @jmfelleman query me: jfsubmissions (at) jenniferlyonsliteraryagency (dot) com

Friendships are the new romance! I want stories showing found family and friendships through their ups and downs #mswl

Amy Giuffrida
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @belcastr & wrangler of #TheATeam Lover of books, reality TV, Buffy, coffee, rescue dogs, and tattoos. 💀 My opinions are my own. She/her.
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This is the first time I am open to Picture Books! I am selectively looking for: whimsical and funny stories, especially those that showcase diversity. Family and friendship themes are my favorite. It's a plus if you are an author/illustrator, but not a must.

Claire Harris
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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I’d love to see more revenge stories (specifically in the thriller category). It could be a scorned lover, a group of friends avenging someone's death, a sister story, etc. If your character is in their villain era, send it my way! #MSWL

Maria Vicente
Literary Agent
senior literary agent + advisor @psliterary
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Coming-of-age stories. Child and teen protagonists. Novels exploring childhood, friendship, family drama. Characters realizing how pivotal life moments completely fucked them up. #MSWL

Cecilia Lyra
Literary Agent
Storyteller & Storyseller / Associate Literary Agent @PSLiterary ✍🏽 Co-host of @TSNOTYAW podcast 🎧 Feminist. Latinx. Immigrant. Reader.
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I can’t get enough of: family sagas, female friendships, edgy psychological suspense, closed-setting novels, anti-heroines, smart romances, comedy of manners, found family, genre-blend romcoms, and change-one-thing-in-our-world speculative fiction.

Rachel Stark
Editor of graphic novels, novels & IP @DisneyBooks ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ gender’s a lie🤷‍♀️
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*Own-voices* rep of characters with marginalized and intersectional identities in stories of adventure, romance, friendship, joy, and personal growth. Especially but not exclusively: disability/neurodivergence; queer/LGBTQ+; all BIPIC but esp Black American, Indigenous & Latinx

Adriann Ranta Zurhellen
Literary Agent
Agent, not so secret.
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Hi writer friends! I'm officially reopening to queries!
I'm especially excited about ✨children's books✨: author/illustrators, nature/STEM/nonfiction, graphic novels, and refreshing, original MG and YA.
#mswl #amquerying (1/3)

Lydia Silver
Literary Agent
Children's Literary Agent at Darley Anderson @DA_Childrens and @Illustration_DA . Bookseller Rising Star 2022. She/her.

Although my tastes are eclectic, certain things show up in lots of the books I work on:

Angry girls and sensitive boys
Unlikely heroes
Mysteries, murders and conspiracies
Authentic representation
Fantasy with an agenda
Opposites attract friendships
Finding your true self

Haley Casey
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent at CMA. Feminist. Interested in watching TV shows I've already seen and owning ALL books. All opinions are my own. (she/her)
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I always ask for big emotions in MSs, and right now, I especially want joy. You can make it serious, but I want moments of levity too. Bring me laugh-out-loud humor, swoonworthy romance, delightful friendships, and lots of wonder. #MSWL

Sabrina Lundberg
Literary Agent
Passionate book nerd and Literary Agent at Golden Wheat Literary @GoldenWheatLit Open to submissions in a limited capacity. See Wish List!


I love histories about real, bad@$$, quirky, or hilarious women who defied societal expectations. Come at me with a (well-researched) story about Julie d'Aubigny, Wu Zetian, Cheng I Sao, or Anne Bonny and Mary Read's unusual friendship, anything in that vein.

Christina Miller
Literary Agent
📚☕🍷 Admin. Coordinator + Junior Agent at Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Just trying to read as many HEAs as possible. She/Her 📖 Currently closed to queries

Similarly, I would love to see a Gilded Age Historical Fiction submission exploring witchcraft and female family/friendship relationships—think Practical Magic meets The Social Graces

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"I want unlikely friendship novels with heavy plot and a feel-good ending."
@carlywatters #MSWL

Amy Stapp
Literary Agent
Obsessed with books, travel, and all things French; aspiring turophile and lover of champagne. Agent with @WolfsonLiterary IG: amystappny
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#amwritingfiction #writerscommunity #MSWL I'd like this historical novel please--friendship story, intergenerational story, beach read with depth and heart…

Tara Gilbert
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @ktliterary | 🌈she/them | ✨magical | opinions my own | Gemini ☼ Pisces ☽ Capricorn ↑
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I want to see more asexual, demisexual, gray ace, aromatic, and all the ace spectrum rep. More platonic relationships. Best friend romances. No sex, just cuddle romcoms. There just isn't enough. #MSWL

Katie Gisondi
Literary Agent
sub rights associate and lit agent at @LDLiterary 🤗

native representation! nature conservation! universal lessons abt friendship and community and family! adventure and whimsy! I love it all. #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
2587 MSWL
71 AskAgent
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"I want unlikely friendship novels with heavy plot and a feel-good ending."
@carlywatters #MSWL

Kelly Peterson
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @reesagency . Twitter Valkyrie. Philadelphian. Pisces. She/her. Multitasks #LikeABoss . Gandalf of #TheFellowship . Tweets are my own.✌🏻
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What I do love to see in the YA Contemporary field are thrillers, hauntings that can toe the line of horror without going overboard, rom-coms, friendship break ups, and grandparent relationships. I especially love to see all this with BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ characters. #mswl

Hannah Todd
Literary Agent
Literary agent @MMLitAgency . Grotesquely optimistic. All views my own. ✨ No pitches via DM please ✨ She/her

I'd love a book club (still commercial) submission that explores the concept of love between friends in a non-toxic way and the impact of those 'breakups' and how people change together over time. It's huge and devastating and so often glossed over. #mswl

Alison Romig
Assistant Editor
Assistant Editor @DelacortePress , an imprint of RHCB | co-author of The Yearning newsletter on queer media | DC & NY | she/her

Agents! I am eager for new, exciting acquisitions and I updated my #mswl to prove it! Check out what I’m looking for here (spoiler alert: subversive horror, witty rom coms, & unique genre mash-ups):…