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Kate Nash @katenashagent · May 21

On my #MSWL is romcom

If you send me your meet cute scene today I will read right away >>>

Kate Nash @katenashagent · Mar 25

Are you writing a feel good novel or non-fiction? That will entertain, let readers mentally escape the Corona crisis and feel positive about the world?

➡️➡️➡️Send it in now, with "feel good" in the email subject line #AskAgent #MSWL

Kate Nash @katenashagent · 28 Nov 2019

Shout out for popular non-fiction proposals!

@LinaLanglee @JustinNashLit & @RobbieGuillory are all tweeting today about what's on their #MSWL

Me? I want a book from the amazing @zackpinsent & my dream author (cos I grew up in a v. small village) is @charliecooper11

Kate Nash @katenashagent · 7 Mar 2019

"Whether historical or contemporary, I don’t see enough... life or death drama coming in on submission, and I’d love to." I spoke to @histnovel for the @histnovsoc magazine #MSWL #literaryagent #askagent historicalnovelsociety.org/ask-the-agent-…

Kate Nash @katenashagent · 14 Dec 2018

BBC drama #MrsWilson was just brilliant on all levels. If you are writing a novel with family drama anything like this, send it in! #MSWL #amwriting katenashlit.co.uk

Kate Nash @katenashagent · 10 Dec 2018

@UKRomChat @ukromchat

Q5. For Kate: Following on from the previous question: what would you like to see more of in romance, or possibly less of? #ukromchat @katenashagent @linalanglee pic.twitter.com/bjQY5tWKDS

Replying to @ukromchat

I'm looking for 1. Sweeping epics in war, like Gone With The Wind. 2) Romance reflecting today's UK diverse communities, such as inner cities or very rural. 3) a real Victorian rags-to-riches tear-jerker. 4) In romcom, new settings like @KarenAldous_ Alps #MSWL #UKRomChat