Sarah Nicolas aka Sarah N Fisk
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Agent at @TheTobiasAgency as Sarah N. Fisk. YA Author as Sarah Nicolas. @qqqpodcast host, event planner, writer @bookriot , founding member @disabilityinpub .
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Jordy Albert 🕊
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Literary Agent @BookerAlbertLit | Lover of dogs, books, and tea. Total fangirl. #mugiwarapirates #worldpeace
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Roma Panganiban
Literary Assistant
Reading for a living at @janklownesbit . Shorter & quieter in person. Opinions mine, but we can negotiate custody. Don't buy books from Amazon. she/her
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BookEnds Literary
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Another #MSWL from @EmilyKaitlinnn!

"I'm looking for heists, competitions, and assassin novels in MG/YA/Crossover Adult. With the vibes of Uncharted, The Mummy, or The Inheritance Games. This could be magical realism or fabulism, fantasy, or even really interesting contemp"

Emily Glenister
Literary Agent
"Gobby, but fun" | Lit Agent @dhhlitagency | Events @goldsborobooks | No query DMs please

Authors! I am SO excited to tell you that after a fairly long hiatus, my submissions are now… Open again 🥳

Let’s fill these terrible times with amazing books - details below…

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #booktwt

Lisa Green Editor
Associate Editor for the Mystic Owl line & City Owl Press. Currently closed to cold queries.
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So I know I'm closed to queries, BUT if you have a dark fae fantasy SPICY adult romance that is under 80K. I want to see it. Tweet me a pitch and if I like it, I'll request more info. ;) #querying #amquerying #MSWL

Ernie Chiara
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @FuseLiterary ⟡ Seeking underrepresented Adult, YA, and select MG voices in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror ⟡ SFWA ⟡ Founder @TBRstack ⟡ he/him

I'm just an agent with a #MSWL looking for more BIPOC SFF/H stories in my inbox.

Rebecca Eskildsen
Literary Agent
Writers House. Probably tweeting about my cat. She/her. I am open to queries.

In general, while I'm open to YA fantasy submissions, I would prefer fantasy that does NOT center around war, soldiers, or assassins. I love political intrigue, though, as well as emotional journeys. #MSWL

Feather Flores 🌸
editor & maker of good trouble at Atheneum / @SimonKids@diversebooks alum • #LatinxinPub • still workin’ on it 🌱🌈✨ art by @cisforfrenchfry

- Mythology! Fairytales! Folklore! (Especially from non-European cultures!)
- Magical realism! Witchery! Magic rooted in nature!
- Atmospheric, gentle fantasy a la Studio Ghibli!
- Fantasy & science fiction rooted in inclusive world-building!

samantha s. fabien
Literary Agent
✞ 🇭🇹 Literary Agent @RootLiterary . Pan🌈. I’m the ultimate hype woman™️ for great people & great books—she/her✨📚🌗
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#MSWL boost & update.

I'm currently in the mood for:
-more Fantasy Romance, please!
-Crime fiction featuring marginalized POVs and/or by marginalized creators for all ages!
-Anything comped to The Picture of Dorian Gray and/or The Count of Monte Cristo
-LGBTQIA+ fiction🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

shannon lechon
Literary Agent
associate agent @ azantian literary agency, thoughts my own. I think cats should vote.

just a reminder I'm officially opening for queries tomorrow! mainly, I'm looking for sff/horror/mystery/thrillers across MG, YA, & adult, and some select GN and nonfiction. you can find my extended #mswl page below & I look forward to reading!…

Jane Chun
Literary Assistant
Lit agent assistant @janklownesbit . Trying to think of what meme most defines me currently.

Hi, #WritingCommunity! At long last, my #MSWL is finally up. 🎉 If you read my wish list and want to query me, please follow the submission guidelines at the bottom of my MSWL page.…

#amwriting #amquerying

Jane Chun
Literary Assistant
Lit agent assistant @janklownesbit . Trying to think of what meme most defines me currently.

Happy #FlipPit! My #MSWL will go up next week on, but until then, here's the gdoc:

Seeking mostly #A with some #MG #YA #NA in #AC #CON #CLIFI #F #FIC #GF #GN #HF #LF #MEM #NF #SF #SPF #UF #UP #W #WF. See my MSWL for more details!

Lauren is CLOSED to queries
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE LEFT + SHE'S THE WORST. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her.
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Can't do #pitdark today but I *WANT* you to query me with:

--spooky MG
--dark academia in YA/Adult
--grounded, scary YA Fantasy
--thrillers/suspense in YA/Adult
--Adult Horror

I am especially keen to find these written by BIPOC! We need more of those voices on shelves! #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency
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Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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“Luscious sci-fi and fantasy middle grade like The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill and Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee.” @agentvicente  #MSWL

Natascha Morris
Literary Agent
Senior Lit Agent at Tobias Literary Agency, kidlit all the way. QueryManager:
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So shoutout to @mishma on this: give me fake dating fun but like in magical bookshop; or best friend's road trip before witch college starts.

Why does fantasy always have to be so end of the world serious? Give Ted Lasso/What We Do in the Shadows vibes #MSWL

Alexandria Brown
🌯 PhD Candidate. MFA. Writer. CEO/Editor @RAPubCollective . Bernese Mountain Dog Mom. I don't answer DMs. 🍦 Contact me here:

Also if you've written a YA Thriller or Horror, I'd love to see it. As well, select YA Fantasy will also be considered. YA with a quirky unique cast of characters is a yes, please!

#WritingCommunity #amquerying #MSWL

Keir Alekseii
Literary Agent
Associate 🔥 Agent for @jenazantian | Cat wrangler 🐈‍ | 🇹🇹 gyal | Intersectional feminist✊ | #ADHD | s/h bi/pan 🌈 | Opinions my own.
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Samantha Wekstein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TL_Agency . She/Her, Terp🐢, ENFJ, dog lover. Illustrators: Pitch to…
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#MSWL More cozy fantasy in the vein of THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA.

Pam Gruber
Literary Agent
Literary agent @IGLABooks . See also: avid window shopper, skilled pie maker, amateur DnD player, and crazy cat lady.

And in adult, captivating voices, grounded fantasy, and settings that feel like a character themselves (in either realistic or speculative works)