Penny Moore
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at @AevitasCreative .🇰🇷혼혈. Cat Mom. Opinions are my own. Here’s a resource if you need it:
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I’d love to see more horror in my inbox. It can be adult (or YA). Not slash and hack bloody horror, but the kind that builds psychological tension in a smart and surprising way. #MSWL

Penny Moore
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at @AevitasCreative .🇰🇷혼혈. Cat Mom. Opinions are my own. Here’s a resource if you need it:
126 MSWL
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I’m expanding into repping more adult projects in genre fiction. I want to see more cozy fantasy, romantic or not, with low stakes, warmth, humor and whimsy. Basically a hug in book form. #MSWL

Lauren Spieller
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of Books for Young Adults | Check my website for book info & query status. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her
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My full #mswl can be found on the agency website but here’s what I’m especially looking for in 2023:

—Adult + YA RomCom that are FUNNY AF *or/and* Adult Romance w a magic/spec twist
—Suspense/Thrillers (we need more queer and POC rep in this category!)
—MG Fantasy! All kinds!

Allegra Martschenko
Literary Agent
Acq editor @UPColorado | SFF Agent @Ladderbirdlit | Cofounder @Pathsinpub | wearer of many hats 🤠 | opinions mine but I can share
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Happy #MSWL day! I represent authors in the Adult, YA, and crossover SFF space. I am always looking for sharp writing, punchy characters, and big emotions. ☺️ Query me!

You can read my full wishlist here:…

Laura Rennert
Literary Agent
Executive Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, book maniac, travel junkie, whisky lover, and owner of six pounds of spitfire chocolate chihuahua

For #MSWL Day, here are some of the things I'd most love to see in my Query Manager:

Would love to find Extraordinary Attorney Woo in book form, adult or YA.

Jane Chun
Literary Assistant
Lit agent assistant @janklownesbit . Trying to think of what meme most defines me currently.

It's #MSWL day so I'm sharing all the things I want to see in my inbox! Since there's a character limit, I'll just link to my MSWL page. I'm looking for a broad range of material in the adult, MG, & YA spaces:…

#amwriting #amquerying #WritingCommunity

Lauren Bajek
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @LizaDawsonAssoc & assistant to @hannahnpbowman . Genrequeer, writer, parent. Pronounced BYE-ik. she/her.
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Oh hey it's #MSWL day! Here's a link to my new shiny page. TLDR: I want adult fiction that stretches my imagination, and connects me back to big chewy ideas in the real world. Fresh speculative fiction, philosophical SFFH, ambitious satires.…

Ann Rose
Literary Agent
agent: @TheTobiasAgency & #rosebudauthor wrangler | author: ROAD TO EUGENICA & BREAKOUT | opinions are my own | she/her rep:@evascalzo layout:@ana_scribe
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I’m technically on vacation but saw it was #MSWL day and wanted to pop in and say that all my recent MSWL posts are still valid.
Also, I would really love more adult projects and GN projects in my inbox. 👀

Assistant Editor
28. NY. Assistant Editor at Kensington Publishing. All opinions are my own. Oxford comma or bust.

Happy #MSWL day! Here is a reminder to send me all of your adult modern gothic and dark academia submissions! Please! I want them!

Eric Smith
Literary Agent
Literary Agent (@PSLiterary), Author. Latest, YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY (@InkyardPress) and JAGGED LITTLE PILL: THE NOVEL (@abramskids). Loves @BeautyBritches .
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Major #MSWL items for me now:

❤️ Stories that celebrate neurodiversity.

✨ Joyful novels, memoirs about the adoptee experience.

🪶 In-verse projects, kid-lit + adult!

💋 High concept rom-coms!

Examples? Follow @MargeauxWeston @bookdragonbooks @katefussner @tianasmithbooks.

Elana Roth Parker
Literary Agent
Kidlit agent w/ @LDLiterary . @aalitagents communications committee. Avid quilter. Still not Elena. Open to queries. She/her.
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I updated my #MSWL listing now that I'm looking for adult fiction too. Nutshell: commercial, escapist, fun or thrilling reads in MG, YA and adult.…

Lynnette Novak
Literary Agent
Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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It's #MSWL Day, so I'll post a few items on my wish list. I'm still eager to find indigenous authors with authentic stories from PB to adult. I'd like more contemporary MG & YA by diverse voices, including LGBTQ+, but not issue books. #WritingCommunity #amquerying #amagenting

Monica Rodriguez
Literary Agent
Creator of @findalovelylife + @findalovelybook#writer rep'd by @agentHenkin • Jr. Agent + Dir. of Brand Management @contextliterary

Categories I love to rep:

Picture Book, Graphic Novel, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Essay Collections, Memoir, Poetry, Journalistic Nonfiction

#mswl #mswlday #amagenting

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

In adult romance, my big super-specific ask is for celebrity-centric fiction in the vein of THE VIEW IS EXHAUSTING, which I *loved*, and something like Starstruck on HBO Max/BBC.

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

I like my thrillers character-driven & atmospheric, like Courtney Summers in YA and Tana French in adult. Voicy YA mysteries with a classic whodunit feel like TRULY DEVIOUS & PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL are also up my alley. I'm not a good fit for commercial action/adventure novels.

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

I'm only looking for sci-fi in the adult space and prefer distant-future space-set stories. I love SF that is kind-of-sort-of-fantasy, like Yoon Ha Lee & Tamsyn Muir.

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

In contemp fantasy I am looking for hooky, fresh premises like IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUN & LEGENDBORN in YA, and on the adult side, speculative thrillers like NINTH HOUSE, BLACK WATER SISTER, and MAGIC FOR LIARS.

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own
Helen Lane
Literary Agent
Writer of fantasy and horror. Junior Literary Agent @BookerAlbertLit Hoarder of books. Murdery at heart. Tea obsessed. (She/her). Closed to submissions.

Helen Lane is hibernating for winter. @HFLane_writing

I will be reopening to queries on the 15th March.

I am having to make a few changes (partly for my workload and partly to make sure I am balancing my list).

The delay also gives me time to finish my remaining fulls before then.

1. I will open for a month only. (By doing it in controlled bursts I can make sure it doesn't overwhelm me).

2. Genres. I will be only opening to a few genres:

Action & Adventure (adult)

Thriller/ mystery: Adult and YA.

Fantasy YA.

Fantasy Romance Adult and YA.

Emily Forney
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @bookendslit • Undiscovered National Treasure • Neighborhood Book Bimbo • for #MSWL (she/her)
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🤍Adult Romance🤍
Contemporary college stories
Interconnected standalone series
Heartbreaking stories about young women finding their identities
Deals gone wrong
Marriage of convenience
Campy genre fiction
Fated mates