Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 24 Sep 2019

Still looking for an Adult contemporary with a therapy group for those who fake being kidnapped by aliens... only to have one member disappear and spark conspiracies 😉 if y'all don't write it, I might have to myself #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 24 Sep 2019

For adult, I'd love a contemporary romance with humor. Maybe not full out Bridget Jones, but something that takes realistic elements and makes us giggle at them. #MSWL

Kristin Temple 🎈 @_kristintemple · 24 Sep 2019

Some general info:
- I’m currently only accepting agented submissions
- I’m very actively seeking adult horror for #Nightfire, so that’s my priority
- BUT I’m open to YA horror, and adult and YA fantasy, scifi, and thrillers as well

Jessica Sinsheimer @jsinsheim · 24 Sep 2019

I'm truly interested in the intersection of upmarket sentences and scary content, whether that's for MG, YA or adult...I am here for this. #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 24 Sep 2019

Currently on a HUGE hunt for historical! Any age. I want lesser known historic events and locations. I want MG trusted to become enmeshed in important/involved moments. I want YA and Adult to show rebellion or championing against the common law. #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 24 Sep 2019

Ok, real quick #MSWL thread that I'm squeezing in today.

Basics: Upper MG, YA, Adult.

DO NOT send me PBs, Short Stories, Chapter Books, Nonfiction, Thriller/Mystery/Suspense, or Erotica

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 24 Sep 2019

Please note: I only edit for adult readers. Please don't send me anything YA or Teen.

Also, unless you've pitched me in person, I only consider agented submissions.

However, Tor/Forge/Nightfire has an open submissions policy:…


Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 24 Sep 2019

And another #mswl in the thriller space: I am horribly obsessed with true crime about cults, and family secrets that lead to deadly outcomes, and wild stuff like this. In Adult, especially, and in YA!

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 24 Sep 2019

Before I forget! I love historical romance, historical fantasies, alternate historical fantasies etc etc in YA and Adult. I’d LOVE an f/f in a period story! Like duchess debauchery or some shit. With WOC!!! Bc racism is a recent phenomenon. #mswl

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · 24 Sep 2019

James McGowan @jamerrson

It's #MSWL day, and I don't make the rules, so here I go.
(Adult Fiction)

Adult #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense-- I love my dark mysteries and thrillers along the lines of Tana French. I will never do a #MSWL without Tana French's name. Ever. I've read a ton of Ruth Ware this year, and loved it all.

Katelyn Detweiler @katedetweiler · 24 Sep 2019

send me a dark, twisty, literary thriller, YA or adult - a complicated narrator that i hate to love or love to hate. i'm a gigantic kate morton fan and would l-o-v-e that kind of dual timeline sweeping generational mystery. please. seriously. PLEASE. #MSWL

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 24 Sep 2019

I'd love to see supernatural & ghost stories, adult or YA. Bring on the eery, haunting, or Gothic. #MSWL

Leah Spann @LeahSpann · 24 Sep 2019

Hey, it's #mswl day! I'm a SFF editor with DAW Books looking to acquire submissions for the adult market.

Just a brief reminder that I can only consider agented submissions. That said, here are some things I'd love to see in my inbox!…

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 24 Sep 2019

In YA/Adult fantasy, idgaf about saving the world, but a MC using the backdrop of a good vs evil world conflict to get shit done in pursuit of selfish goals? YES #mswl

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL day: I'd love to see more F/F in my inbox. give me your adult WILDER GIRLS, your righthand women fiercely defending their gfs, the claustrophobic intimacy of friendship where you might just take a bite out of each other, your SF/F Elena Ferrante, your swordswomen in love.