Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

Do you have a novel or reported nonfiction on the things I can't stop thinking about, like Morgellons, the Tamam Shud case, the Voynich manuscript, Hinterkaifeck, and the Sodder children? Gimme. ESPECIALLY if it's a novel inspired by Jestyn. Please. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo

I've (finally!) updated my #MSWL page. #amquerying writers, please stop on by to see what I'm looking for!…

My #MSWL includes, among other things: MG/YA fiction & adult fic/NF by authors who are: trans and/or non-binary or otherwise not cis, disabled and/or #actuallyautistic, and/or Indigenous. Including any intersections thereof, & whether or not the work focuses on identity.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 23

"Non-fic like Jim Collins GOOD TO GREAT, Susan Cain's QUIET & Charles Duhigg's THE POWER OF HABIT" @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 22

#MSWL I really want a PB nonfiction about ground breaking females in ballet, figure skating, or really any sports.

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · May 21

Updated my #MSWL page:…
I am currently looking:
Children's: PB, MG, YA Fiction and Non-Fiction
Adult: Non-Fiction only. Open to almost anything but author must have a platform, be it as a subject matter expert and/or an online following.

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · May 21

Hey #amwriting and #amquerying authors-- A reminder that several #TeamBookEnds members are looking for #Nonfiction. Check out @AgentJessicaA and @wensday95 's #MSWL for more info!

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 21

"Non-fic that focuses on pop culture, geekery, and/or teaches readers about the odd & unique." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 18

"Non-fic like Jim Collins GOOD TO GREAT, Susan Cain's QUIET & Charles Duhigg's THE POWER OF HABIT" @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

Kat Enright @katenright · May 16

Great news! I'm now officially up on the #MSWL website. Feel free to check out my bio, and if your project matches my interests, I'd love to see your query in my inbox.…

Sam Morgan @samroebuck · May 16


I've been into video game speedrunning lately and I know there's a book on the subject somewhere out there waiting to be published. It'd more than likely be non-fiction, highly narrative.

The latest drama that has me hooked:…

Cassandra Farrin @CassaCassaCassa · May 15

Agents-Only #MSWL: Adult fiction & nonfiction projects of any genre that take risks with narrative structure and voice. Anything that can comp to Han Kang or Banana Yoshimoto. Also, stories set in diaspora communities and/or non-Western contexts.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 15

"Nonfiction projects with a unique approach to pop culture, design, lifestyle, or science topics." @msmariavicente #MSWL

Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA · May 14

I am still actively looking for new clients. Women’s fiction is on my #MSWL. I’d love to find some beach reads and romance that crosses over into the women’s fiction realm. I’m also hungry for more nonfiction—especially narrative and/or those with a culinary bent.

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 11

So there you have it. @bookendslit is looking for #nonfiction of all shapes and sizes, and stories #MSWL

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 11

When it comes to business books I would love something on leadership and negotiation (two different books please) #MSWL

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 11

I also want anything to do with women. Self-empowerment, women bartenders, journals for women. You get it. #MSWL

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · May 11

I'm also desperately seeking a fun cocktail book. So desperate I'm driving Team @bookendslit crazy. I think Tequila Mockingbird was a brilliant idea and I want more of those. #MSWL