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Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 15 Nov 2018

This City of Lies is another of the many "CIty" books that have been attracting attention lately, and I am rebelling against this by seeking books that have "Unincorporated Township" in the title. Like "Unincorporated Township of Applesauce" - great title for my new #mswl book

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 15 Nov 2018

My #mswl now includes a fantasy set in a riding school, from the POV of one of the teachers, with at least one of the horses named Applesauce.

And I am so not kidding. @awfulagent hosted editors from a major sf imprint for lunch today. This is the synthesis.

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 2 Nov 2018

wth City of Lies and City of Brass getting a lot of buzz and me not wanting to copycat, top of my #mswl is something with “Unincorporated Township” in the title.

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 12 Sep 2018

5. #MSWL and check out my colleagues @eddieschneider @_LisaRodgers @susannprogress @bradymcagent too -- especially YA (I Am Still Alive) & MG (Dactyl Hill Squad)

We all have our wishes -- but we'd love to make your wish come true.

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 12 Sep 2018

4. #MSWL not like I'll ever stop looking for great sf and fantasy, but today's the day I want to push for the other stuff.

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 12 Sep 2018

3. #MSWL mysteries! thrillers! 1st book I sold was a mystery. Before Sookie Stackhouse I was selling mysteries for @realcharlaine & in an alternate universe the early mysteries I sold would have taken off more than the early sf/f I sold & I'd be a hotshot mystery agent

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 12 Sep 2018

1. #MSWL -- I want more of what I'm not known for. Past week, I've signed up two non-fiction projects, one on sports & one a guide for survivors of child sexual abuse. I follow sports, entertainment, business -- I and @awfulagent want more.

Joshua Bilmes @jabbermaster · 8 Feb 2017

If you're @samroebuck your #mswl is Skins Meets Harry Potter. I like show tunes, so it's "Sharks Meets Harry Potter."