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Literary Agent at the Bradford Literary Agency, making my way through adventures in agent land.

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Bradford Literary Agency

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 8 Nov 2019

There's a book in here I know it...! #mswl A ton of people received text messages overnight that were originally sent on Valentine’s Day… via @Verge

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 26 Sep 2019

#mswl a hilarious, will make me literally lol, MG!

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 30 Aug 2019

I'll be re-opening to queries on Sept. 3; here are some things I'd love to see in my inbox! #MSWL

-nonfiction, esp. MG, YA & prescriptive and platform-driven adult (not so much PB biographies)
-POC author/illustrators
-Native/First Nations creators/authors

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 20 Feb 2019

Watching Murder Mountain and...gah, a YA set there? 👀 #mswl

One of my fav books is the Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly; cults, really dark contemps- places you can’t believe still exist

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 1 Dec 2018

Ok so #mswl where’s my LGBTQ+ Princess Switch/A Christmas Prince :D for adult or YA!!!!

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 12 Sep 2018

HUNGRY for YA, MG & adult nonfiction. #mswl pop culture, feminist issues, true crime, pop science, parenting, business from a WOMAN'S POV, relationship/dating, things no one talks about but we SHOULD, fresh & unique & a little weird & dark (DARK TOURIST, LORE, My Favorite Murder)

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 12 Sep 2018

Dying for more magical realism women's fiction, or #ownvoice women's fiction contemporaries #mswl

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 12 Sep 2018

I typically go for pretty dark & gritty, but craving some good FUNNY & voice-driven rom com ala TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE, WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR in YA #mswl

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 12 Sep 2018

Hot on my list for #mswl are #ownvoice contemporaries featuring diverse characters.

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 2 Jun 2018

Dang it. I’ve watched so many forensic shows even when I find a new one it covers the same cases. 😔 Also: #mswl forensic-based crime/mystery/thriller! Would love one featuring a non-white protagonist!

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 18 May 2018

I have found a new obsession to fuel my Beauty and the Beast fanfic love & I’d just like to throw this out there: this meets Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede meets Graceling… #mswl

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 12 Nov 2016

@KatRushall got me hooked on @Jezebel 's creepy short stories and now I'm totally craving a really creepy horror YA! Or creepy MG :) #MSWL

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 13 May 2016

I am dying for a new adult cozy mystery serious; historical or funny contemporary! #MSWL

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 21 Feb 2016

I'm craving a fun, fresh historical or sci fi romance. Everyone submits to @bradfordlit but pssst I rep it too! :) #MSWL