Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 7 Dec 2017

I'm seeking:
Adult: fantasy, thriller, contemporary romance, rom. com., mystery, & sci-fi.
YA: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, contemporary, thriller, & mystery. I love dark & twisty, light & funny, & stories with or without romance. querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 2 Dec 2017

I’m seeking YA stories: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, suspense/thriller, contemporary, & horror. I like dark, light, funny, romantic, mysterious, cool worlds, & lots of voice. Send query & five pages to: querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com. #MSWL #amquerying #amagenting 2/3

Kelly *Screaming Moonlight* @LitAgentKelly · 25 Nov 2017

#MSWL A YA horror like A Quiet Place! Just saw the trailer and this would be amazing with a futuristic sci-fi feel! youtu.be/p9wE8dyzEJE

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 31 Oct 2017

"Horror like NIGHTFALL or The Babadook (NOT Saw) w/ chilling atmosphere & great hook!" @kurestinarmada #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · 13 Oct 2017

Talking with @jamerrson today reminds me how much I want a YA horror novel based on H.H. Holmes. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._H._Hol… #MSWL

Vote November 6th @MandyHubbard · 12 Oct 2017

Would LOVE a YA horror in the vein of SCREAM and @naturallysteph's THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE #MSWL

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 3 Oct 2017

October means Halloween, which means all things scary. #MSWL for horror.

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · 17 Sep 2017

I'm love to see a mystery with horror elements, like NIGHT FILM. #MSWL

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · 12 Sep 2017

I like all things gothic: Southern gothic, gothic horror, gothic mysteries, goths. #MSWL

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 12 Sep 2017

I'm currently closed to queries, but my #MSWL as always is SF/F/Horror with unique perspective/hook. LGBT/POC/female-driven a plus, always.

ChristAHH! HeschkEEK! 👻🧟‍♀️🦇🕸 @ChristaHeschke · 12 Sep 2017

All the #MG (literary, commercial, mystery, horror, adventure, magical realism--dark or light) Almost anything! #MSWL

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 12 Sep 2017

I love literary horror with richly developed characters and settings. Think Shirley Jackson. #MSWL

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL MG adventure, horror, or grounded sci-fi (no aliens or distant planets) geared towards boys.

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 12 Sep 2017

Literary psychological horror that blurs the lines between the real and the imagined. Is it real or is it all in my head? #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · 12 Sep 2017

dongwon @dongwon

OK, it's #MSWL day so gonna drop a few requests. Guidelines are on my site at dongwonsong.com.

Replying to @dongwon

Smart horror featuring POCs, women who get to do interesting things. Use the tools of horror to examine race, gender, and trauma. #MSWL