Saritza Hernandez
Literary Agent
📚 Literary Agent @AndreaBrownLit , 👩🏽‍💻#UCLAAnnex educator, ☕️@aalitagents member #autismparent 🧩 #lgbtparent #queeraf 💖💙💜 she/her/ella 🇵🇷#SarysPosse
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Adult (cont'd):
- Cozy mystery novels in the vein of @LatinaSleuths' Caribbean Kitchen Mystery series.
- Women's Fiction in the vein of Chanel Cleeton or Sabaa Tahir's All My Rage.
- Horror, horror, horror! Creepy, gory, scary AF! (2/6) #mswl

Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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Carol Woien
Literary Agent
Representing Women's Fiction, Mysteries, Romance at Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Accepting queries at
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Adding women's fiction to my #MSWL Think Debbie Macomber/Liane Moriarty/Elin Hilderbrand

Mariah Nichols
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at D4EO Literary Agency | Programming Nerd

Adult Fiction:
(Women's fiction) psychological thrillers/suspense, mystery, & family/friendship drama. I gravitate towards upmarket/commercial.
(Contemporary Romance) rom-coms, rom-coms & more rom-coms! Would love to see more LGBTQ+, diversity, relatable, & unique plots.

Becca Podos
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at the Rees Literary Agency. Lambda Award-winning author, sometimes. FROM DUST, A FLAME out now, AT MIDNIGHT up next. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
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—Mystery and horror in certain genres (In mystery, think cozies or women’s fiction-adjacent, instead of hard-boiled detective stories; in horror, think Hill House, not Halloween).

—Character-driven sci-fi and fantasy. Send your sweeping, sexy Kushiel’s Dart-style epics, please!

Michelle Richter
Literary Agent
@FuseLiterary Senior Agent. Murder=my fave. @PacePublishing alum. @SINCNational member. She/her. Query Manager link: QueryMe.Online/MichelleRichter
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Women's fiction that makes me cry at the end of the book, from heartwarming or heartbreak, is a fave, and I'm a sucker for a dual timeline when masterfully done. #MSWL

Juliana McBride
Literary Agent
Believer in transcendent stories, magic, and finder of husband’s lost keys.
Dani Segelbaum
Literary Agent
literary agent @carolmannagency
Bibi Lewis
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Agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Lifelong New Yorker and forever bookworm. she/her
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Nikki Terpilowski
Literary Agent
Founder of @HollowayLit #LiteraryAgent of bestselling authors. IG:
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Would still really love to find #sweetromance or #womensfiction with #culinary or #magical elements and or #beach settings. Viola Shipman-ish or Sarah Addison Allen-ish #mswl especially with an African-American protagonist.

Kari Sutherland
Literary Agent
Agent at KT Literary; Book Lover; Parent; Co-author of The Menagerie series; (Former) Traveler. Jigsaw Puzzler. Veronica Mars extra. She/her
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Genres I'm on the hunt for:
MG fantasy, MG literary contemporary, YA humor, YA fantasy, YA rom-com, Upmarket Women's fiction.
#MSWL - international settings, folktale re-imaginings, funny friendship banter, twisty YA thrillers, multiple POV, found family.

Liz Sellers
Assistant Editor
assistant editor @BerkleyPub / @BerkleyRomance cat mom x2, ex-trombone player, em dash enthusiast "can we stop by dunkin?" opinions are mine! | she/her

romance: both contemporary and historical romcoms and millennial romance/women’s fiction; give me ALL the banter, chemistry, strong-willed MCs. i want to laugh AND cry!

MJ Johnston
Editor at Sourcebooks. Adult Fiction. Can be frequently heard saying "yes, I read books for a living" and "yes, I know guac is extra.” (she/her) 📚🎨

New Year New #MSWL Me! Looking for:
✨Historical fiction featuring strong women and grounded Lost Apothecary mystic vibes 🔮
✨Quirky, accidental (or not so?) murders a la Only Murders in the Building 🔪
✨Novels w/ the Ted Lasso effect (uplifting but also unflinchingly real) ♥️

Amy Giuffrida
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @belcastr & wrangler of #TheATeam Lover of books, reality TV, Buffy, coffee, rescue dogs, and tattoos. 💀 My opinions are my own. She/her.
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Here are the ADULT GENRES I am seeking in 2022:
Women’s Fiction
Book Club/Commercial Fiction
Contemporary Romance/Rom-Coms
Non-Political Thrillers/Mysteries/Suspense
Historical Fiction - with a contemporary feel

Mara Delgado-Sánchez
Assistant Editor
🇵🇷 That witch from the Caribbean. Word wrangler @stmartinspress | @wednesdaybooks . Somewhere with the chupacabras. Opinions mine. (she/her)

and high concept thrillers. I want to see something different and fresh

- For contemporary, I’m looking for stories on the lighter side (friendships, romcoms, family, etc)

For Adult:

Basically what I said above. I also do category romance, women’s fiction centered on #MSWL

Lisa Mangum
By day, I'm the Editorial Manager for Shadow Mountain Publishing. By night, I write YA novels (Hourglass Door trilogy; After Hello). Weekends? #Supernatural

Submissions to Shadow Mountain Publishing will be moving to AGENTS ONLY on 1/1/22. The slush pile will, however, open once a quarter for unsolicited submissions.…
#amquerying #submissions #publishing #MSWL

Alexander Te Pohe
Editor @EntangledPub | Writer: prose, poetry, reviews | 30 | Māori | trans man | bi | he/him | Contact:

I'd love to see more submissions from trans women and trans feminine folks. I'm currently considering YA, NA, and adult romance books. I love fantasy, contemporary books, and women's fiction. I'm not too keen on horror, thrillers, and suspense #MSWL

Weronika Janczuk
Literary Agent
Lit. agent @ JLA, which I designed m'self. 🇵🇱. @NYUGallatin alumna. Lover of persons, saints, ♥s, intelligentsias, impact, + books. A mini Lisbeth Salander.
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Okay, question for all ye genies: the best romance or women's fiction novels featuring partners with significant age differences? I'll take any (LOLITA, etc.), but I'm keen on something v. healthy, good, etc., especially where you have a female gifted + precocious. (Into: #MSWL.)

Nikki Terpilowski
Literary Agent
Founder of @HollowayLit #LiteraryAgent of bestselling authors. IG:
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