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I'm in a serious mood for complicated New Adult or WF that has me huddled in a corner SOBBING. Hit me with all your angsty feels and desperate emotion! (But preferably find a way to end happily so I'm not devastated for weeks, thanks.) #MSWL

New Year, New Bryn!
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2. Emotional stories and series ideas specifically geared toward Mahogany original movies, romance or women's fiction. Robyn Carr's Virgin River series on Netflix is a good comp here.

#MSWL #Romancelandia #WritingCommunity

New Year, New Bryn!
Author, blogger, optimist, kidney donor, rescue dog lover. Executive editor, Hallmark Publishing at #hallmarkchannel . she/her
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Angela Kim
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Also 김미나. Assistant Editor @berkleypub @penguinrandom . She/her. All opinions are my own.

Women's fiction: My interests in wf kind of align with general fiction, but I'd love millennial wf that isn't focused on a woman's romantic relationship, and is more about everything else in their life (some romance ok). If it can make me ugly-cry & snort-laugh, that's a plus :)

ArtHouse Literary Agency | Accepting Submissions
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A literary agency repping bold voices and promoting diversity in publishing. Submissions are open.…
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@GlamEditor_Girl Latoya would love to see high-concept commercial and upmarket fiction, particularly women's fiction and thriller. I am also open to nonfiction proposals but an established platform is a must! #MSWL #literaryagent #amquerying #WritingCommunity #writers

Emily Rodmell
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I'd love to see high concept inspirational fiction for Love Inspired Trade. Though we mainly look for genres like romantic suspense, womens fiction and historical romance and fiction. I'm open to considering others as long as they are inspy. Agented submissions only #MSWL

Hannah Schofield
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Literary agent at @LBA_agency (views my own) | Master of English (=19th-century feminist poetry) | always reading, always hungry.

Hannah Schofield @hannschofield

Good afternoon #amquerying writers! I am BACK (or my submissions inbox is)…

As well as my #mswl on the LBA website, you can find out some more about me in this interview I did with the lovely people at @RNAtweets:…

I include some pointers about how to catch my eye with your query letter - title; clear, snappy pitch; & comp titles

The Glass Slipper Literary Agency
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We're a full-service boutique literary agency that brings marginalized and diverse voices to the world! 🏳️‍🌈 ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

Want to know what we are looking for? Here is our #MSWL: Women's Fiction, LGBTQ+ Romance & Coming of Age, Stories Featuring Differently Abled Voices, and Stories about Body Positivity and/or Neutrality

#PitMad #ownvoices

Heather Howland
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I’m interested in seeing WF (w/ a romantic thread) about starting over. Not divorce, but a new direction. They never married because they prioritized career and/or caring for a family member over their own romantic life. Babies aren’t their be-all end-all. #MSWL (sub info pinned)

Ashley Herring Blake
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Hey #AmQuerying writers, I’m closing to queries on June 1 for the summer, but will be open to #MSWL items (see below) through this link:…

✨Queer &/or BIPOC romance (rom com & contemp)
✨Mystery w/ WF (think FINLAY DONOVAN)

🇺🇦 C.H. Armstrong (Cathie)
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#MSWL #A #WomFic: In this genre, I need to you tomake me gasp, cry, or LOL in your opening pages. MAKE me want to turn the page. Make me impatient for your full submission. I love sibling relationships, family secrets, and quirky characters w/funny or serious storylines.

Ali Herring
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Mariah Nichols
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at D4EO Literary Agency with a passion for books (Adult & YA) both nonfiction & fiction.

(Adult fiction)
Women's fiction - psychological thrillers (the darker the better) & mystery/suspense. Think Lifetime movies!

Paranormal romance & thrillers/suspense. School settings are a plus. Dark elements are welcomed!

Literary Agent
she/her 🇭🇹. Christian ✝️. JD Candidate 2024. Literary Agent @TransLitAgency . Closed to queries.
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But! Good news: I’ll be open to Romance/Women’s Fiction on June 7. Mark your calendars! #mswl

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Sam Brody
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assistant editor @readforeverpub (she/her) • when the going gets tough, tough listens to pop anthems from 80s • handsome, clever & bi • Jewish • Opinions = Me
A Woman Reading
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#mswl Very interested in receiving submissions from authors who write screenplays, and screenwriters who are also novelists in the genres: small-town romance, holiday romance, beach ready-y women's fiction.

Kim Lionetti
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Literary agent of adult and young adult fiction. Autism mom. British period drama addict. Gosling aficionado. Penn State alum. She/her.
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#MSWL alert! I’m always on the hunt for romance and women’s fiction in general but this illustrates what I’m especially hungry for right now. Thanks to @jmcgowanbks for the graphic! Query me at

Bibi Lewis
Literary Agent
Agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Lifelong New Yorker and forever bookworm. she/her
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In fact, please give me your high powered lawyer/fixer with dishy clients women's fiction or romance. The chillier the exterior the better #mswl