VS @victoriasavanh · Sep 9

I *really* want to publish a book about anime, fan culture, & eastern influences on western audiences #mswl

Saritza🇵🇷💖💜💙 (Closed to queries) @epubagent · Sep 9

Would love to see more historical fiction featuring the #borinqueneers and their distinguished careers. Give me a historical romance featuring a Borinqueneer GI and I’ll be all over that! #MSWL ift.tt/2N730vD

Tia Rose Mele @TiatheTiger · Sep 9

I’m officially open to queries again! My #mswl is pinned on my profile. I can’t wait to dive into more great work! ☺️

FlanneryLiteraryAssociate @FlanneryLitera1 · Sep 9


#YA historical fiction
#YA or #MG time travel
#YA or #NA Downton Abbey-esque books
#PB nonfiction

Follow submission guidelines found at Flanneryliterary.com

#querytip follow submission guidelines 😁

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Sep 9

"In non-fiction, I want to read about historical funny women, your Lucille Balls and Bea Arthurs. For humor in fiction, think the next Mrs. Maisel." @readbystephanie #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Sep 9

✨ I’m closing to queries on Oct 1 for the remainder of the year and will re-open in early 2020 (exact date TBD).

So if you have something ready to send my way, please send it this month! My manuscript wish list (#MSWL) is linked below. ✨


Julie Rosenberg @JulieARosenberg · Sep 8

Okay now that I’ve watched the US Open I’m ready for a summer ball girl/boy (or any combo) romance. 🎾😍 #MSWL

Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · Sep 8

I'm only open to picture books that fit my #MSWL - right now, I want heartwarming pbs that address special needs, LGBTQ+ families, or diaspora experiences.
Also, funny word-play books like THE WONKY DONKEY.

Trodayne Northern @TroNorth · Sep 8

#MSWL Anyone have an #ownvoices horror that combines Octavia Butler, Lynch and elements of David Robert Mitchell?

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Sep 8

"I want to work on more YA anthologies please. They make me so happy." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL ericsmithrocks.com/mswl

Brit Brooks-Perilli @Britny_Perilli · Sep 8

Is anyone else into the show Let's Eat because I'd really love a #ownvoices #DV, contemporary #YA book with the same kind of style about a MC who just lives for food. Also if it could include some mouth-watering descriptions I would appreciate it. Cool thanks! #mswl

Quressa Thee Dragon (she/her/queen) @qnrisawesome · Sep 7

Just watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice and would really love a descendant of Merlin story with a BIPOC female protagonist. #MSWL

Garrett Alwert @GarrettAlwert · Sep 7

I've read some amazing contemporary YA lately. If you can comp HER ROYAL HIGHNESS by Rachel Hawkins, WILDER GIRLS by Rory Power, SERIOUS MOONLIGHT by Jenn Bennett, LET'S CALL IT A DOOMSDAY by Katie Henry and YOU'D BE MINE by Erin Hahn send your queries my way. #MSWL