Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈 @draper_claire · 18 Aug 2019

I’ve been getting some questions: yes! I am interested in adult romance novels. I rep all YA, but in the adult fiction space am interested in romance novels pretty exclusively. #MSWL

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · 17 Aug 2019

Annual #MSWL request:

Novels about adoptees, written by adoptees. Adult or YA, I want those stories.

Send me your books, friends. <3

Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 16 Aug 2019

Also? Super want a main female character with SERIOUS freckles like everywhere. Like, mad freckles. Not just a "dusting" or "sprinkling" #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 16 Aug 2019

Question: anyone have a novel about an ace main character who has a serious passion and falls for another person because of that shared passion and who they are inside? #MSWL

Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger · 16 Aug 2019

Still dying for nonfiction history projects #MSWL adult or YA. Weird history, history of women, fun history, lesser known history, creepy history. History! Not super into war history or battles. I like reading about culture and people.

Charlotte Wenger @WilbursBF_Char · 16 Aug 2019

Krista Harrington @BoyMomWrites

@WilbursBF_Char Hello Charlotte!
Could you give me some samples of your favorite pbs?

Replying to @BoyMomWrites

Some are listed under the "My favorites include..." section of my #MSWL, but here are a few other recent fave PBs:
POETREE by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds, illus by Shahrzad Maydani
MY HEART by Corinna Luyken

Alice Speilburg @alicespeilburg · 16 Aug 2019

The SFF book I just can't stop thinking/talking about: The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson. She is a masterful storyteller. Anything similar to this type Muslim fantasy is on my #mswl. #FridayReads…

Leah Spann @LeahSpann · 16 Aug 2019

Happy Friday, all! Excited to say that my editorial #MSWL page went live today! I'm only open to agented submissions, but if you want to know what kind of books I'm interested in seeing, give it a look:…

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · 16 Aug 2019

Last night I spoke with a friend who recently judged a Mrs. pageant. I'd like a (funny, thoughtful, maybe even scary--surprise me) novel about a pageant like that, please. #MSWL

Ann Leslie Tuttle @AnnLeslieTuttle · 16 Aug 2019

#MSWL. Still looking for great MG projects, especially contemporary stories that foster kindness, empathy and understanding. Especially drawn to stories with strong female lead characters.

Ann Leslie Tuttle @AnnLeslieTuttle · 16 Aug 2019

#MSWL. Would love to see some rom coms. I am pretty open to all ideas but am especially looking for strong and/or quirky voices.