Jolene Haley @JoleneHaley · 6d

I found this aesthetic on Tumblr last night. It was uncredited but it has the perfect vibe for my YA #MSWL.

If your book has magic, witches, secrets, and girl gangs, I would love to see it.

Jolene Haley @JoleneHaley · 6d

I desperately need more YA mysteries and thrillers in my inbox! Please and thank you.


Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · 6d

This is your regularly scheduled reminder that I am dying for more Adult Rom Com queries in my inbox! 💜#MSWL

Loan Le @loanloan · Jul 28

So! In the #MSWL I’ve shared with agents, I include a section for ‘keywords.’ These are descriptive words that spark my interest immediately whenever I see them in fic pitches: dark, psychological, haunting, eerie, chilling, propulsive, disturbing, suspenseful. You get the idea.

Nicole Fiorica @NicoleFios · Jul 28

Hey agents! I love that I get to edit books across all age groups, but I'd love to see more middle grade in my inbox! Fantasy, contemporary, and everything in between is cool, but I have a soft spot for the laugh-out-loud variety :)
My full #mswl is here:

Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · Jul 28

Hii Writers!!

One request I have... I NEED more YA MYSTERIES & Adult THRILLERS in my box.

I have a lot sci-fi which I don’t oppose because that genre is 🔥

#MSWL #WritingCommunity #amagenting ❤️

Bethany Weaver @_bethanyweaver · Jul 27

Writers: I will never say no to a great werewolf or vampire story 😌😌 #mswl #amagenting #literaryagent

Julia P. McCarthy @thejumbles · Jul 27

Hi I would give ANYTHING to acquire a middle grade novel that’s like the nostalgic, slice-of-life, utterly precious gift that is Only Yesterday. #MSWL

CamCat Books @CamCatBooks · Jul 27

Writing anything good? #WritingCommunity we're eager to read it! Check out our website for our submission guidelines and subscribe to our newsletter to get our #MSWL.

Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · Jul 27

My updated #MSWL page is up! Yay! Please be aware that some of my categories have changed. Like the addition of MG to my list and removal of adult mystery, thrillers, and suspense.…

emmy, purveyor of spines, says BLM and ACAB @saskeah · Jul 27

Tween emmy needs to know: Are horse girl books coming back in style?! I've just gotten two ARCs of new horse girl books, and hope springs anew! #MSWL #AmAgenting

Kenzi Melody ✨💜✨🌙 @Kenzi_Melody · Jul 27

Hi, #amquerying folks! Thank you for the a wonderful response to my #MSWL tweets earlier this summer. With a growing list of amazing clients and some fabulous full manuscripts to look through, I’ve decided to close submissions for now. Check back for updates!

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · Jul 27

The middle grade in my query inbox has dropped off a lot the past few months. Please send me your middle grade, folks! Especially contemporary and #ownvoices! #MSWL #amquerying