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Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · May 21

Just posted my updated #MSWL… and now I'm really excited to see the queries that will be coming in! #queries #opentoqueries

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · May 18

Can it be?!? I'm FINALLY going to open myself up to #queries again after I don't know how long. It's been so long I don't even know where to start. Gathering my #mswl thoughts now...

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 14 Mar 2017

Also a manuscript like The Lake House (w/ Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves) is on my #MSWL #justputtingthatoutthere

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 31 Aug 2016

I'd love a suspenseful thriller like Fatal Attraction/Disclosure. Basically a Michael Douglas movie :) #MSWL

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL family drama or women's fiction w/ no cancer - Like Maria Semple or Liane Moriarty

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL psychological thrillers - serial killers a plus. Think Criminal Minds but in a book

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 30 Jun 2016

I think I did #MSWL wrong so let's try it again...soap opera drama (YA or Adult) with angst and OMG moments

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL a big epic love story (but not a romance) - like PS I Love You, After I Do, The Life Intended

Kimberly Brower @KimberlyBrower · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL soap opera drama (teen/adult), family drama, psychological thrillers, women's fiction w/ no death