Alex Slater
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Literary agent @GreenburgerLit @GreenburgerKids . Black Lives Matter. he/him.
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Sharon Belcastro - Agent at Belcastro Agency
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Introvert surviving in an extroverted world. Lover of books, animals, plants, the beach, working out and eating tacos. @belcastr
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I am looking for stories from Black creators and from marginalized communities.

Bring on the MG fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, and/or coming-of-age stories centered around black characters, experiences, and BLACK JOY!

Anissa Dorsey (she/her/Ella/elle)
Literary Agent
Lit Agent for Graphic Novels and Prose of various genres and demos. Prepping pitches and Taking Queries at NOW. MSWL to come... Right?!
Vicky Weber
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Surprise! I’m opening to queries November 1st-18th! While I love picture books, I have a lot of them on sub so I’m hoping to find:

-YA fantasy, paranormal, or horror (no gore!)
-Adult fantasy or thrillers
-MG mystery

Sarah Nicolas aka Sarah N Fisk
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Agent @TheTobiasAgency as Sarah N. Fisk. YA Author as Sarah Nicolas. @qqqpodcast host, event planner, programs lead @disabilityinpub 💛🤍💜🖤
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Would love to find a MG "monsters in a cornfield" sort of book with an authentic super small town setting written by a writer who's actually lived in a small town. #mswl

Camille Kellogg
Author of JUST AS YOU ARE (Dial, 2023). Editor at Bloomsbury Children’s. Repped by @AgentJessicaA . She/her.

Weird #MSWL item but I would LOVE a violent animal fantasy MG series like Wings of Fire or Warriors

Tara Gilbert ✨
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I'm still looking for a funny middle-grade novel in the vein of Rick Riordan Presents. Other comps include Ms. Marvel, ATLA, or a really gay School for Good and Evil. #MSWL

Asia Harden
Editorial Assistant
editorial assistant at FSG BYR (@mackidsbooks) ☆ @columbiapubcrse & @olemiss alum ☆ 1908 ☆ grace upon grace ☆ all thoughts my own

things I’ve been dying to see in my inbox #MSWL

- unapologetic female protagonists
- revenge stories
- retellings with a twist
- mythology, meddling gods
- smart mystery thrillers
- spooky middle grade
- royals!!

Danielle Collins
Assistant Editor
Hi I’m Danielle and I get overly invested in fictional things for fun and for a living 📚 Assistant Editor @ S&S Children’s (she/her) 🏳️‍🌈

I got a Fun New Title, now you get a Fun New Wish List! Happy to share that my official #MSWL is up and running:…

Kristie Choi
Acquiring EA @ Atheneum (S&S) | she/her 🌈💗💛💙 최민지, Korean-Am, cottagecore meets a punky morbid grandma, waterbender, sex/kink-positive leftist Christian
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"Seeking middle grade animal stories like PAX by Sara Pennypacker, SILVERWING by Kenneth Oppel, BUNNICULA by Deborah and James Howe, and SANTA PAWS by Nicholas Edwards."
@agentvicente #MSWL

Ramona Pina
Literary Agent
She/Her🇨🇻🇯🇲🌟Book Hoarder 🌟host @podcasthollow 🌟DIY enthusiast 🌟Writer 🌟Literary Agent @bookendslit 🌟

My #MSWL is also in need of MG fiction with quirky extraterrestrials like you'd find in the ragtag group of Guardians of the Galaxy or on the Syfy series Resident Alien.

Ameerah Holliday
Literary Agent
“The very time I thought I was lost, / My dungeon shook and my chains fell off” Dancer | Poetess | Revolution | Agent - Serendipity Lit | Opinions are my own

A YA RomCom or MG story featuring Filipino leads would be lovely. #MSWL

Katie Shea Boutillier
Literary Agent
Rights Director & Lit Agent w/ Donald Maass Literary Agency, specializing in commercial adult fiction & young adult. To query please email:
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Alex Aceves (ah-SEV-ess) (she/her) 🇲🇽 💖💜💙
mexico city girl in bkln. likes the 🍷 not the 🏷. lets other pens dwell on guilt&misery. associate editor @HolidayHouseBks , writer by night. opinions my own.
Replying to @brooksbenjamin

Yes, thanks for mentioning, @AnikaDenise! Upper MG is absolutely at the top of my #mswl, so if any kidlit authors have non-genre MG manuscripts with protagonists who are 13 or 14 and in 8th grade, I’d love to consider them for Holiday House.

katie gisondi (she/her)
Literary Agent
sub rights associate and lit agent at @LDLiterary 🤗

Doing some babysitting and just watched Spirit Rangers for the first time! So incredibly adorable. A middle grade like that would be my dream 🥰 #MSWL

Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @reesagency . Twitter Valkyrie. Philadelphian. Pisces. She/her. Multitasks #LikeABoss . Gandalf of #TheFellowship . Tweets are my own.✌🏻
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The historical voice is a fine line to walk between what readers today expect historical to sound like, as well as what they actually can and will read fluently. So historical in all age ranges (MG, YA, and Adult) really need an outstanding voice that straddles the line! #mswl

Carrie Pestritto⁷
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Literary agent and audio rights director at @LDLiterary ! Avid home decorator. Always promising friends to go with them to Pilates. Never do. 🇰🇷🇺🇸✌🏻
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Also if anyone has anything that comps to Coco (MG, family, ghosts, cultural rep, etc.), I *want* it!!! #mswl

Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @reesagency . Twitter Valkyrie. Philadelphian. Pisces. She/her. Multitasks #LikeABoss . Gandalf of #TheFellowship . Tweets are my own.✌🏻
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I am STILL SEARCHING for my MG authors. I’m EXTREMELY selective in my MG acquisitions and with which MG voices I am drawn to. I don’t vibe well with younger MG and have a tendency to only like Upper MG manuscripts/books. Fantasy is my sweet spot here too. #mswl