Dawn Dowdle
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Literary Agent. Working with most genres of fiction. Please see Web site for genres and for querying instructions. New Web site coming soon.

#MSWL Cozy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, Mysteries, Suspense, Amish Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational Romance, Historical Romance--esp. Victorian & Regency, Middle Reader Mysteries, Cookbooks, True Crime, Graphic Novels blueridgeagency.com

Megan Barnard
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reader, traveler, coffee drinker. Associate Agent @jdlitagency
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This is EXACTLY the kind of historical fiction I love (and want!). A brilliant multi POV novel about spies and secrets and the importance of literature (Dr. Zhivago) during the Cold War. The multi POVs can be confusing but I highly recommend reading! #MSWL

Becca Podos
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Reps YA/Romance/WF/SFF for the Rees Literary Agency. Author, occasionally. FOOLS IN LOVE (‘21) and FROM DUST, A FLAME (‘22) next. She/they. Rep @ericsmithrocks

Becca Podos @RebeccaPodos

For goodness sake, somebody PLEASE deliver my a plucky fun queer YA historical in the vein of Gentleman Jack #MSWL 🙏🏼

It’s occurred to me that when I tweeted this, I wasn’t selling adult romance/WF. Now I am and good god, send me your joyous adult queer historical novels (and if you’ve already subbed me something like this, do feel free to bring it to my attention ☺️) #MSWL

Eva Scalzo 🇵🇷
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boricua🇵🇷, reader, feminist, ally, wife, mom, lit agent @ Speilburg Literary, AALA/AAR, RWA & SCBWI member *closed to queries* all opinions mine (she/her)
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Dawn Dowdle
Literary Agent
Literary Agent. Working with most genres of fiction. Please see Web site for genres and for querying instructions. New Web site coming soon.

#MSWL Clean contemporary western romance between 60-70,000 words, Amish Romance, Inspirational Romance, Cozy Mysteries, Traditional Mysteries, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Historical Mysteries, True Crime, Middle Grade Mysteries, Cookbooks, Graphic Novels blueridgeagency.com

Amy Collins
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Literary agent with Talcott Notch. Working for 30 years to help authors become more successful. USA TODAY & WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling author (She/Her)

I just got through my Query inbox! I am still looking for my #mswl. Please send your history, historical fiction, business and how-to queries to querymanager.com/query/amyc

Ann Leslie Tuttle
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Literary Agent @DGandBTweets ; specializing in romance/women’s fiction/Southern Gothics and Middle Grade. Former editor.

#MSWL Would love to see some romances featuring witches and shifters. Could be a rom com, historical or contemporary/small town romance.

Amy Stapp
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Obsessed with books, travel, and all things French; aspiring turophile and lover of champagne. Agent with @WolfsonLiterary IG: amystappny
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#MSWL I’m most eager to find twisty, intelligent suspense, upmarket book club fiction, women’s fic that explores friendship and multi-generational ties, light magical realism, and historical fiction from a new perspective or setting. I want more diverse/underrepresented voices!

P.S. Literary Agency
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“Time periods I like to read about: 1920s-present day. I don’t read a lot of historical fiction older than that.“ @carlywatters #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Emily Forney
Literary Agent
Associate agent @bookendslit • Internet and pop culture writer • Vampire enthusiast • Expert trap queen emilykaitlin.com for #MSWL

I am on a roll reading queries right now and I’m so so desperately in the mood for a warm, cheesy #YA meet cute or some really cool historical fiction. Where you at #amquerying authors? Also please please Black authors, send me your ideas and let me hype you up! #MSWL

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Writing anything good? #WritingCommunity we're eager to read it! Check out our website for our submission guidelines and subscribe to our newsletter to get our #MSWL.

Michelle Grajkowski
Literary Agent
Owner 3 Seas Literary Agency, Business World Director, mom to the most adorable 2 & 4-legged creatures, volunteer maniac and lover of all things cute and fun!

Loving the new submissions procedures at 3 Seas! Personally, I would love to see an @SHO_Homeland or @TheAmericansFX thriller hit my inbox... especially if there's a romance or a YA hook. Also, would love an American-set historical and of course, ROMANCE & WF of any kind. #MSWL

Heather Howland
Sr Editor & co-founder @entangledpub . Tech editor in my spare time. Tweets/likes/RTs/opinions are mine. (she/her) 🎧🏕️🐇📚💃🏻📈🎬🏟✈️🇵🇹🇲🇪
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Do you write historical romance ft. Highlanders or Vikings? I’m actively acquiring! Regency and Victorian are also welcome. entangledpublishing.submittable.com/submit/ (Send to my attn via Amara or Scandalous, depending on word count.) #mswl #amwriting #amquerying #historicalromance

Susan is closed to queries for the Holidays 🌸
Literary Agent
Lit Agent w/GoldenWheatLiterary. Repped by @TheWriteShadow . WORDS IN THE WINDOWSILL coming with @REUTSpub .

#mswl I'd love to see: Adult HistFic featuring the Schuyler Sisters or is otherwise connected to our Founding Fathers. Also seeking Adult FBI/Police Procedural, with humor, and a Female lead.

Emily Rodmell
Editor at HarperCollins / Harlequin Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life, Facebook: Emily Rodmell, Editor
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Happy Tuesday!

My most wanted wishlist:

Inspirational romantic suspense (55k words & 85-100K words)
Inspirational historical romance (70k words, would love to see a regency + Westerns and 85-100k words)
Amish (contemporary romance and romantic suspense 55k words)


Ashley Herring Blake🌈
Literary Agent
Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 5.25.21; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | 💖💙💜
Trisha de Guzman (she/her)
🇵🇭 filipino immigrant and reluctant virgo editing kidlit at fsg books for young readers @mackidsbooks #WeNeedDiverseBooks #POCinPub

Two weeks since I finished #NeflixKingdom, and I STILL can't stop thinking about it. I'm so in the mood for a YA fantasy with sociopolitical commentary, a lush non-Western historical setting, well-rounded characters, and ZOMBIES. Lots and lots of zombies.