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Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1 📚 Eclectic in life & books. I 💙 Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. #TeamSpencerhill Ali-ens 👽 rock!
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#MSWL when I reopen in January, one thing (not the only thing) I'll be looking for is a lot of genre stuff that is very either funny or satirical or slightly weird, or quirky. Think genre+this. Scifi, fantasy, romance, speculative, thriller, action/adventure, horror--kid & adult.

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Time for another #MSWL! "For middle grade, take her on quests with female MCs that display bravery and perseverance that’s not in spite of gender, and on feel good adventures amongst friends like the Goonies." @PinaRamona

Meg Gaertner
Senior editor @fluxbooks + @jollyfishpress . YA fantasy/sci-fi writer. Swing dancer. Music lover. Philosophizer. Tweets are my own. she/her.

For MG, I’m looking for:
science fiction

I’m especially interested in stories that tackle difficult topics in compassionate, thoughtful ways. Bonus for a strong voice! #mswl (5/7)

Lauren Younker
Acquisitions Editor for @_PineapplePress 🍍📚 | pronouns: she/her | | MSWL: Lauren Younker | profile photo by @anthony7245
Nina Leon
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Associate Agent: @perez_literary MSWL:… QM: Editing:

My manuscript wish list profile is now live! Head on over to see if I would be a good match for your story!… #MSWL

Christa Heschke
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Children's Literary Agent, @McIntoshandOtis , movie-fanatic, dreamer, kid-at-heart, #GoPackGo , Western NY born and bred.
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MG/YA: Fantasy is another first love! Everything from contemporary fantasy to high fantasy & epic fantasy. I LOVE unique world-building!
I'd also like lighter, even funny fantasy where the stakes aren't about saving the world, but adventure & characters. More Hobbit than LOTR.

Rebecca Kuss
senior editor @ rick riordan presents+disney hyperion. @DVpit_ program manager. 🇰🇷✡️. she/her.
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i want 📚 w unforgettable characters i'd follow to the ends of the 🌎; who make mistakes & are messy & we 💓 them thru all the ⬆️& ⬇️; who bring me back to those teen days when we felt like everything was on the line & one night of adventure could change our entire lives #mswl

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for 🦉 @CityOwlPress and #MysticOwlBooks . 🦉 INFJ Addicted to 🌞sunshine, ☕️coffee, 🏍motorcycle riding, and ⛺camping.
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#MSWL I'd also like to see a paranormal adventure romance set in a culture-rich location. Imagine if Tomb Raider was a cat shifter hunting magical relics. Or if Indiana Jones was a demon hunting the holy grail for other reasons...

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“I’d love to see MG adventure novels. The next female Indiana Jones or a young Lara Croft.” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Alexa Jones
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Literary agent at WordLink, Inc. @WordLinkInc | she/her 💖💜💙•🖤🤍💜 | cat enthusiast | see pinned tweet for #MSWL
Laurel Symonds
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Literary agent at @ktliterary (closed to queries). I tweet about books and desserts in equal measure. My dog is the best office assistant ever. She/her
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- Something “earthy”—be that a lyrical picture book about environmentalism or a MG hiking action-adventure or a darkly atmospheric YA that takes place in a forest or anything in between
- MG and YA with rural settings
- Witches, boarding schools, sister bonds
(3/3; #MSWL)

Sarah Grill
Associate Editor @StMartinsPress . she/her. Avid dog-spotter and Chicago native. Opinions my own but deep dish is better than thin crust.

#MSWL My narrative non-fiction taste is like obscenity: I know it when I see it. Always have an eye out for pop culture, wilderness and adventure stories, pop psychology, investigative crime nonfiction. If you have the next WE KEEP THE DEAD CLOSE, I want it and I need it.

Emilia Rhodes
Editorial director at Clarion Books/HarperCollins Childrens. I tweet a lot about dogs, and think a lot about dessert. All opinions are my own. (she/her)

Again in MG, I’d love to find more grounded or just slightly speculative adventure stories. Spies, detectives, quest and adventure seekers. I’m a sucker for a good competition!

Kristin Ostby
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Literary (but not particularly Twitterary) agent at Greenhouse. Former children's book editor (S&S, PRH). She/her.
Rebecca Podos
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Senior Agent at the Rees Literary Agency. Lambda Award-winning author, sometimes. FROM DUST, A FLAME out now, AT MIDNIGHT up next. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
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Eric Williams
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#Action & Adventure

Any, especially about disasters, expeditions, survival, space/aliens, treasure hunts, and stories that include romance with action/adventure.

#MSWL #WritingCommunity

Eric Williams
Publisher at @5310publishing spreading happiness every day through books. I'm changing the world, one book at a time! 😁 I'm a bottomless pit of information!
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✨We are currently accepting submissions, but only until the end of the month!! ✨

Main genres I’m currently looking for: romance, fantasy, action and adventure, and thriller. #MSWL

👉 Read the thread for more details about what adult and young adult genres I want. (16 and up)

Peter Knapp
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Lit agent with @parkandfine representing kid lit with enthusiasm!
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I'm eager for fun middle grade series, humorous or not -- but definitely heartfelt. Sweeping worlds, sweeping adventures, kids wrapped up with gods and monsters and magic. Bonus points for fun animal (or magical-creature) sidekick characters! #MSWL