Hallmark Publishing @HallmarkPublish · Jan 11

Q: What are you esp. looking for right now?
A: Contemporary romance about summer weddings, a romance with a royal prince, beach towns, autumn, or Christmas; cozy mystery/female amateur sleuth. Strong friend/family subplots a plus. #mswl

Hallmark Publishing @HallmarkPublish · Jan 11

Q: Are you interested in series?
A: We'd love to see contemporary romance and cozy mystery/amateur female sleuth mysteries. In your synopsis, just give us a paragraph or two about books 2 and 3. #mswl

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · Jan 9

#MSWL I would also love to see Adult Fiction similar to Grey's Anatomy, ER, General Hospital. A romantic sub plot is preferred. Soap Opera-esq is great also. Please don't send Medical Thrillers.

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Jan 9

I'd like a down-and-dirty youth missions trip in which stereotypes fall away to reveal beautiful human beings who never thought they'd be friends. Room for romantic element, but not necessary. Make me laugh, then cry. Steer clear of cheesy. #MSWL #Christian #YA #Contemporary

Kelly @LitAgentKelly · Jan 9

Feeling really nostalgic tonight, which means I'm in the mood for a punk rock romance in YA or adult. The voice, subtle differences, and surprises are what make these ones good! And if you listened to Blink-182 while writing, we'll be best friends. #MSWL

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · Jan 9

#MSWL I am still actively looking for Children's PB Illustrators, or Author/Illustrators
YA Contemporary Rom
Adult Cozy Mysteries (series)
Adult Romance (sports, inspirational, historical, contemporary)
Adult Female centered SF/Space Operas

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · Jan 9

I'd love a sweet, layered contemporary realistic YA romance.

#MSWL #ontheporch #amwriting

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · Jan 8

Random #mswl: Quirky romance or WF that shows what happens AFTER adorable tiny house has been purchased and you actually have to live in it.

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · Jan 8

If we’re being honest, my truest #MSWL is anything that can be compared to @RealGDT . Give me dark fairytales that turn the world on its head, send me gothic romances that pulsate with life, mail me heartbreak and adventure wrapped up in the heart of a child!

Heather Powell @HeatherLPowell · Jan 7

Here's some fun news!

@BookFishBooks is now accepting ADULT romance submissions.

So, be sure to send us your Contemporary romances, fantasy romances, & Paranormal romances.

All heat levels welcome.


Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA · Jan 5

Why, oh why, don’t I have more culinary books? Women’s fiction, romance, mystery, nonfiction, whatever. Send them to me to tide me over as I wait for more Top Chef. #MSWL

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · Jan 4

#MSWL I would love to see Celtic historical fiction, or historical romance in my inbox. I'm doing quite a bit of Angus/Griffin family history research this year and I'd happily read any Celtic themed historical/romance manuscripts.

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 4

2 things I’d love:
1. For @TheRealHos35 to stay with the @Royals.
2. To get some submissions of fun, wholesome sports romance.
#MSWL #publishing

Janna Bonikowski @jannabonikowski · Jan 3

#DemonFluff is so excited for the new year she’s helping me work! Send me your lighthearted #romance and #wf with pets. If I read to her, she might stop chewing on me! #mswl @KnightAgency