Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · Feb 8

I'd love some paranormal where a shifter hero/heroine has to deal with initial transformation/figuring shit out on their own. #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Feb 8

I'm looking for lots of para, sci-fi, and fantasy stories for this line: #MSWL

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · Feb 8

A parody on the paranormal trope, with heart and real stakes. Think a Buffy spoof #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Feb 8

2/2 Would love to see stories with a more psychological basis. And paranormal elements are welcome, too! #MSWL

Stacy Cantor Abrams @StacyAbramsEdit · Feb 8

#MSWL Submissions for our Crave imprint. Category-inspired YA romance w/a paranormal or fantasy bend.

Misty Williams @misty_williams_ · Feb 8

The paranormal underworlds are crawling with all kinds of different creatures and amazing stories that need to be shared. #MSWL

Jessica Snyder @IcaEdits · Feb 8

#MSWL @thecomishler seeks strong female leads in YA fantasy and paranormal, esp shifters Submit ATTN Jenn Mishler

Misty Williams @misty_williams_ · Feb 8

I’m always looking for romance! Contemporary, Paranormal, and Historical. #MSWL

AmandaCityOwl @AmandaCityOwl · Feb 8

#MSWL check my past tweets for requests, but always looking for romance-historical, paranormal, multicultural, fantasy,steampunk, mystery

SBR Media @S_B_R_Media · Feb 8

Send me your romance story! Billionaire; PNR, RomSuspense and more. #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Feb 1

Got a 45-70k para/SF romance book you've written? I'm looking for submissions. Send it to me! #mswl

Trysh Thompson @trystsandtales · Jan 30

Our editors talk about what they're hoping to find in our February open submission period.…

Want to know what I'm into? If you've got a paranormal romance, I'm your girl. <3 I want amazing characters and to…

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · Jan 27

#mswl romance - cont, hist, susp, sci-fi, erotic(all heat levels), PN, fant - subs reopen Feb 1/17 check guidelines

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Jan 25

Authors. I need menage books in my life, stat. I need all the menage submissions, and if they're paranormal or sci-fi, even better. #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Jan 16

In case you missed it, I'm on the lookout for shorter paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy books for @entangledpub 's Covet line. 45-70k. #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Jan 12

I don't know if y'all saw the @entangledpub Editor Wishlist, but I'm looking for shorter #PNR bks. =D Hit me up with some @CovetBooks ! #mswl

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · Jan 9

#Adult #MSWL : ALL THE ROMANCE (taboo, straight or LGBT, paranormal [no vampires!], historical), SciFi/Fantasy (light only please!)

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · Jan 6

#mswl romance - cont, hist, susp, sci-fi, erotic(all heat levels), PN, fant - subs reopen Feb 1/17 check guidelines

Kim Lionetti @BookEndsKim · Nov 29 2016

I'm in the mood for some dark, grimy, underworldy historical YA. Fantasy/paranormal okay, but no vampires please. #MSWL