Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton · 30 Jun 2016

Shifters of unusual variety in paranormal romance! I love seeing the world-building of non-werewolf shifter communities. #MSWL

Kelly is OPEN to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 29 Apr 2016

Just got a craving for a YA Paranormal Thriller like The Awakening is Sunshine Girl meets Asylum. Spirit hunting gone all wrong! #MSWL

Mandy Hubbard @MandyHubbard · 10 Mar 2016

I will also absolutely consider fresh paranormal YA. It's gotta be amazing, but I think the door is slowly opening, so BRING IT. #MSWL

McCorkle_Editor @McCorkle_Editor · 10 Mar 2016

Would love #A paranormal w/romance about unique creature (s). And ghosts. I love a good ghost story! #MSWL

Future House Books @FutureHousePub · 15 Feb 2016

I love #mystery. I love #paranormal. How about a bit of both? #mswl Submit yours:

HENERY PRESS @HeneryPress · 11 Feb 2016

We’d love to see a light paranormal mystery with a romantic element. Think Practical Magic. #MSWL

Jessica Watterson @JessWatterson · 11 Feb 2016

Also, would LOVE a different take on #PNR. Werewolves and Vampires need not apply. #MSWL

Lizzie Poteet @lizziepoteet · 19 Jan 2016

Like I'm talking almost NO world building and ALL this #mswl #paranormalromance

Lizzie Poteet @lizziepoteet · 19 Jan 2016

I really, really, really want a paranormal romance for SMP Swerve with light world and hot weres #MSWL