beth phelan @beth_phelan · Apr 16

I’m still looking for my fresh take on vampires in YA, whether grounded in this world or else reimagined and renamed in a fantasy one. I’d love to see more unexpected urban fantasy in general too, with characters I’d follow anywhere. #MSWL

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Apr 16

beth phelan @beth_phelan

Gonna drop a few #MSWL tweets as I’ve been going through my queries this weekend (sorry if you’re still waiting on a response—I’m getting there!) and trying to listen to what my gut is craving. I’m focusing on MG and YA, so let’s get started:

I would really love some character-driven YA fantasy that is both dark AND funny. Especially if there is a big eclectic cast and truly unique magic. Voicey characters but still high stakes and a world with details that awe, from city life to wildlife. #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Apr 16

this beautiful speech by @Bibliogato made my heart soar and i urge you all to read and engage with what she's saying about the necessity of writing diverse, inclusive jewish stories:… also #mswl

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · Apr 16

A quick reminder that I am always open to projects like these! If you have a book about food, fiction or nonfiction, I want to see it. #mswl…

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 16

"Think your massively popular Tumblr deserves a fun hardcover gift book? Let’s discuss." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Apr 16

I'm not saying I have a brand, but @TheAdamSass' debut is the second book I'm pitching around that I'm comping to Last Seen Leaving by @MikalebRoehrig. The first was @tomryanauthor's (out next year!).

So. Hi yes, send me your inclusive YA thrillers. #MSWL

Bryony Woods @BryonyWoods · Apr 16

I’m excited to be reopening to submissions today – so send me your magical middle-grade, your groundbreaking YA, your rich, imaginative fiction for adults or non-fiction that shows me the world from a new and eye-opening perspective. Writers from all backgrounds welcome! #MSWL

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · Apr 15

A realistic drama about sibling rivalries and dark family secrets. Think Bloodline meets We Were Liars. #MSWL

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · Apr 15

there’s a chinese character archetype that roughly translates to “warm boy” that’s high on my #mswl — boys who are sweet, fresh, sunny, gentle, emotionally astute & considerate

no more 霸道总裁 please 🙏

Amy Stern @yasubscription · Apr 15

Katherine Locke @Bibliogato

I shared my speech from this morning (minus the part of The Girl with the Red Balloon that I read) on Medium. "Thinking about Jewish Children's Literature in a Time of Rising Antisemitism"…

This is both a great and important read, and an absolute #mswl for me. I can't read holocaust books- they make me physically sick when they're done well- but I want so many more Jewish stories, for my 10 year old self and my 16 year old self and for me now too.

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · Apr 15

106 years since the Titanic sank. As a kid I was OBSESSED with the Titanic. Checked out every book my library had on it at least 3x, and I wanted to be an oceanographer so I could study it.

Well, that didn't happen, but does anyone out there have a Titanic YA novel for me? #MSWL

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · Apr 15

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini

So, I've been thinking about the number of times that I, as a female agent, get told by a male (unagented) writer that I am doing my job wrong, or "not helping enough", etc. on the internet. The number of "performance reviews" from strangers who are not my boss is incredible.

Thread by the wonderful& articulate @TracyMarchini who puts into words what frustrates us often.
Also, this highlights WHY I ask for what I do on my #MSWL : Women characters in major decision-making positions; male characters comfortable w/that, as role models for kids.