Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · Mar 24

#MSWL I want a #YA or #MG story about a Native people (not limited to America) who faced cultural suppression and relocation. The comp is RABBIT PROOF FENCE.

Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈 @draper_claire · Mar 22

Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈 @draper_claire

Send me all the gayest #MG because it’s what I needed in my childhood for sure

And can’t it be falling in love with someone in class on the first day? Or rival AYSO soccer teams with goalies who fall in love? That’s sounds great #MSWL

Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈 @draper_claire · Mar 22

Send me all the gayest #MG because it’s what I needed in my childhood for sure

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · Mar 22

Wondering what kinds of stories I'm dying to see in my inbox? Check out my detailed #MSWL post on the #BookEnds Blog!…

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · Mar 21

Just read a query that made me so hungry for more #voudou #NewOrleans #haiti #southerngothic - any sort of cultural element in that realm. PLEASE! #mswl #MG # YA

Alex Slater @abuckslater · Mar 19

#MSWL reminder, I will jump at any #MG that comps Over The Garden Wall.

Molly O'Lantern @molly_oneill · Mar 16

This kind of storytelling but MG or YA, please! *Especially* as MG. (Arguably MG is always something like this, at its purest state—stories of connection + hope—and I always want it!) #MSWL…

Tracy WANTS A NAP Marchini @TracyMarchini · Mar 15

My #MSWL Madness post is up on the BookEnds blog! I talk about what I'm looking for in #pb, #mg, #ya and #gn fiction and nonfiction, and showcase the type of illustration that I have on my list:…

#amquerying #amwriting #kidlit #kidlitart

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Mar 13

When I was in middle school, I got bullied for saying I was Latinx bc I didn't look or sound Latinx. & that drove me to completely reject a core part of myself until I was AT LEAST 21.

So, a #MG about being white-passing is high up on my #MSWL.

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · Mar 13

Ava DuVernay @ava

This girl is glorious. @StormReid #WrinkleinLondon

#MSWL chapter book or middle grade novel. Here is our protagonist. Here is the feeling that pervades the book... JOY.