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kate meltzer @katemeltzer · 21 Aug 2018

The New Yorker @NewYorker

Sobbing near the dry goods, Michelle Zauner asks herself, “Am I even Korean anymore if there’s no one left in my life to call and ask which brand of seaweed we used to buy?” nyer.cm/makGPd6

"We don’t talk about it. There’s never so much as a knowing look. We sit here in silence, eating our lunch. But I know we are all here for the same reason. We’re all searching for a piece of home, or a piece of ourselves."

What a beautiful, powerful read. #MSWL

kate meltzer @katemeltzer · 22 Jul 2018

I'm late to this party but Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a delightful gem of a movie. Watch this immediately (oh and also, #MSWL).

kate meltzer @katemeltzer · 10 Mar 2018

If you’re not watching Jane the Virgin, here’s why you should be #MSWL newyorker.com/magazine/2018/…