Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · May 14

Romantic comedies with diverse characters across every intersection! #MSWL

Jennie @regina_gladii · May 6

Give me the next L.J. Smith: I want your #YA sexy vampires, your Camelot-inspired witches, your Norse gods and psychic teenagers, grounded in a semi-timeless "contemporary" setting. Better yet if they're POC and #ownvoices. #mswl

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · May 4

Adult: thrillers, psychological suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, & mysteries (traditional, amateur sleuth, & cozy).
YA: thrillers, psychological suspense, horror, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, & contemporary. #diversity #MSWL

Elise Howard @ThatEliseHoward · May 3

#MSWL An intersectional group of gfs (h.s.? middle?) organize to save the world (from climate change? patriarchy? prejudice? politics? all?) but stumble on and use their diverse intelligence, wit, and wisdom to solve all sorts of mysteries on the road to social justice.

Kim Lionetti @BookEndsKim · Apr 26

Today's running away from me a bit, so I'm not sure I'll get a chance to peruse #DVpit. But I'm hungry for all diverse and #ownvoices books in #WF #Rom and #YA. #Dis is especially close to my heart. Query me here: QueryMe.Online/1008 #MSWL

Maisie Lawrence @MaisieFrances · Apr 26

It's Adult day for #dvpit and it's my birthday🎈! So here's my birthday #dvpit wish-list: a lesbian detective series, diverse sci-fi (I ❤️ Becky Chambers), diverse historical and I'd love to find a high-concept with a darker side (think Black Mirror in a novel) #MSWL

Trodayne Northern @TroNorth · Apr 25

Our interests are listed there @ Prentisliterary.com But wave a wand @ my inbox 2day? I'd want some POC, magical funk realism-w/lush, succulent prose that dribble down your chin. Prose like @halleluyang,@chrisabani or Kai Ashanti Wilson. Could list more but not with 140 #MSWL

Whitley Abell @whitleyabell · Apr 25

Whitley Abell @whitleyabell

I'll be tweeting out my "Most Wanted" for Day 1 of #DVPit shortly. If you have something that fits bill, please don't hesitate to @ me your pitch! twitter.com/whitleyabell/s…

For today's #DVPit #MSWL, I'm especially seeking:
- Novels in Verse
- Magical realism
- Diverse ensemble casts
- Psychological Suspense
- WITCHES, but not just fantasy
- Historical or Historical AU (think AND I DARKEN)
- INTERSECTIONALITY bc damn, we need to get better about that

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · Apr 25

I have tons of client work today, so I'm going to be ducking in and out of #DVpit. If I <3 it, send me the first 50 pages: QueryMe.online/1005/Twitter

Am always looking for diverse voices, so if I don't fave, still query me!! (and if you have an LGBT book in the 80s SEND ME! #MSWL)

Maisie Lawrence @MaisieFrances · Apr 25

Holla at #DVPit authors who are pitching commercial fiction! What I would love to find: a lesbian detective series, diverse fantasy or sci-fi, sweeping historical fiction with diverse characters. #MSWL

Leodora Darlington @Leodora_ · Apr 25

Leodora Darlington @Leodora_

All you wonderful diverse voices pitching for #DVpit, if I favourite your tweet and you want to submit your book to me, please holla at me through submit.bookouture.com/submit/72839/s…

#querytip alert! Gimme commercial fiction that makes me gasp, swoon, or makes me happy to sacrifice precious sleeping hours to keep on reading. Gimme some diverse YA. Gimme some diverse fantasy. I wantttttt. #DVpit #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 21

"A diverse, contemporary YA novel about strong guy friendships. Think Poe and Finn. <3" @ericsmithrocks #MSWL ericsmithrocks.com/mswl/

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · Apr 20

I would love a good mystery with a diverse detective that’s not set in another country... #MSWL

Vicki Lame @thedaysbetween · Apr 20

Hello, yes, while you are all paying attention because vampires, I would also love a diverse YA romantic comedy of sorts. (Think When Dimple Met Rishi or I Believe in a Thing Called Love) #mswl