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Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 4d

I still really want a retelling of Persuasion. #MSWL

(This is my sneaky way of getting more people to read this under appreciated classic and getting on the Wentworth ship 😉)

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Apr 16

I know I tweet this every time I do a Miss Fisher rewatch, but I’d kill for an “opposites attract” romantic duo that sizzles like Phryne and Jack. THOSE LOOKS! #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Mar 4

I'd love to see more historical fiction in general. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Jan 27

Putting this obscure #MSWL want out into the universe, but if any querying writers are working on a Hist Fic about Florence Cook and the Crookes investigation, I would love to see it.…

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Jan 15

UCLA Gymnastics @uclagymnastics

A 🔟 isn't enough for this floor routine by @katelyn_ohashi. 🔥

How many times have I watched this video?
So many times.
Can someone please write me a YA with this level of friendship and support between teammates?

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

15) Light Adult fantasy. Show that thinks don’t get less magical after childhood. Comps like Practical Magic, Garden Spells, and The Night Circus. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

14) Romcoms about athletes competing at the Olympic level. I want the next Cutting Edge! #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

13) Cute, funny contemporary YA romcoms that are driven by dynamic characters. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

12) I’m dying for a YA set during the 1920s. Something sharp like gin or bubbly like champagne. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

11) I’m still desperate for a good YA horror. Something dark and disturbing. More eerie than gory, and grounded in reality (no supernatural killers needed). #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

10) I want more YA stories where the dynamic friend duo is front and center (and any romantic relationships take a backseat) #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

9) I am forever and always a theater kid at heart. Backstage was my second home growing up. Bring me your stories about or inspired by the Arts! #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

8) I still have my fingers crossed for a clever retelling, a genre-crossing tale with familiar faces, but not unnecessarily faithful to the source material. It should stand independent and quite unique. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

7) Send me the hungry ones, the MCs who want something so badly, it rattles their bones. Who encourage their ambition. (YA) #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

6) Send me your jagged girls, the ones who broke and put themselves back together. The ones who don’t hide what they are (YA). #MSWL