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Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Feb 1

This month, @HallmarkPublish is OPEN TO UNAGENTED SUBMISSIONS and I can't WAIT to read! Complete guidelines here: #romance #mystery #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 28

Walks-Softly 📚🌳 @Skytale_Writer

@Donovanesque Do you think it's safer to go with a Christmas novel, or do you seem to accept novels also for the beach, equally?

Great question. For romance, we do appreciate a seasonal tie-in, be it Christmas (must have snow), winter (ditto), spring, June weddings, summer, or fall harvest. We don't need a seasonal tie-in for mysteries, and we don't do mystery at Christmas. #hallmark #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 28

Responding to DMs: you don't give Hallmark any rights to your story just by submitting. Until we offer you a contract and you sign it, your story belongs only to you. #MSWL #romance #mystery

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 25

The question we're always asking in romances:
What are the main characters' arcs? How do they grow and change throughout the story to earn their happy ever after?
If you're submitting in February, don't be afraid to spell that out in the query and synopsis! ❤️ #Hallmark #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 15

Two weeks until our open submission period at @HallmarkPublish! I'm excited. You can submit between Feb. 1 - Feb. 28. We're looking for full-length romance and cozy mystery. Guidelines here: #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Jan 9

If you start your query letter with the title, genre, word count, and a quick summary, you'll always get my attention. (Hastily written example in reply.) #MSWL @HallmarkPublish #romance #mystery

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 7 Dec 2018

Hey there! I personally find romance synopses and proposals VERY difficult to write, and I figure I can't be the only one, so here are some elements of ones that tend to work for us at @HallmarkPublish, for what it's worth! #amwriting #amquerying #MSWL (thread)

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 26 Nov 2018

Agents! I’m always open to proposals (2-3 page synopsis) for G-rated sweet romance with strong seasonal tie-ins. If it gets greenlighted by both me and the programming team, we’ll make you an offer. Complete guidelines here:… DM me with questions! #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 20 Nov 2018

In February, we'll be open to romance submissions in ALL SEASONS: winter, Valentine's Day, spring, June weddings, summer, fall, Christmas. Seasonal tie-ins are important for us in romance! (But not in mystery.) Full guidelines: #MSWL #nanowrimo #amwriting

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 17 Nov 2018

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque

At Hallmark Publishing we're very open to REALLY GOOD GUYS as romantic leads. They can move back to their small town because their mom has health issues. They can worry about the future of the pumpkin festival. #MSWL

On the other hand, a guy who "doesn't trust women"? A guy who's sexist at the beginning of the story? A guy who pressures a woman for a date or a kiss? That's not for us. He needs to sort himself out before he finds true love in Hallmark Land. #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 17 Nov 2018

At Hallmark Publishing we're very open to REALLY GOOD GUYS as romantic leads. They can move back to their small town because their mom has health issues. They can worry about the future of the pumpkin festival. #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 14 Nov 2018

Hey friends, since this comes up a lot in submissions, I thought I'd talk a little about POINT OF VIEW. We prefer either 1st person or 3rd person deep POV: in 3rd person romance, we like the POV to alternate between the 2 main characters. #amwriting #amediting #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 10 Nov 2018

I would LOVE more cute, sweet romance submissions with black, Asian, or Latino main characters! 65K or more, winter, Valentine’s Day, or spring esp. ❄️❤️🌸Agents, I’d love to get these as proposals, too! #MSWL #Hallmark #OwnVoices #amwriting #publishing

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 25 Oct 2018

I say this all the time, but the best way to know what kinds of things @HallmarkPublish is looking for is to watch a few current Hallmark movies. #CountdowntoChristmas is coming right up, but we'd like winter, spring, summer, and fall romances, too! #amwriting #querying #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 15 Oct 2018

Reminder that Hallmark Publishing is open to unagented submissions in the month of February '19: contemporary romance and contemporary cozy mystery, 65,000 words minimum. Complete submission guidelines here:… #MSWL #publishing #amwriting

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 23 Aug 2018

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque

We LOVE rescue dogs and kitties, but we're very sensitive about animals. An animal being lost, injured, or imperiled can't be a big part of the story. We don't like dogs and cats behaving badly, because we don't want to discourage anyone from adoption. #MSWL #hallmark

In romance I love seeing a secondary romance, a reconciliation with a friend or family member, strong family ties and friendships (I'm a sucker for the hero having a brother or male best friend and would love a series with brothers), and the community coming together. #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · 23 Aug 2018

We avoid evil ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends or a scheming other man/woman as the conflict. Give the couple real obstacles and make them do the work of overcoming them. #MSWL #romance #Hallmark