Jinglebelle 🎄(Away) @alibelle · 1d

Julie Farrell 🌈 @WeeRedWriter

@alibelle What's your take on debut YA's in the UK market? Particularly ones set in the US? 🤔

Replying to @WeeRedWriter

How do you mean? By UK writers or the US influx? I personally have US taste so lean towards it anyway, but I do think UK authors need to be given more space. Though it is tricky when the current big thing is US.

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Sophia Payne @Everlastingbeta

@alibelle In an ideal world, do you prefer to communicate with your clients on the phone, face to face, via email, or on skype? Do you think technology has made communicating easier or harder?

Replying to @Everlastingbeta

My communication style depends on my clients. What works for them works for me, and F2F isn’t always possible particularly as I rep a lot of people overseas. Tech has made it all much easier, almost too easy though.

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Shannon Balloon 🎈 is writing. @sballoon75

@alibelle If you have someone's full, and they get an R&R from another agent, do you want to know?

Replying to @sballoon75

Hmm. I think for me personally, I’d just rather be told another agent has asked for a bit of work on it and you’ll keep me updated. To be honest I’ve not been in that situation so I’m not entirely sure!

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Joshua Lee-Jones @jplj_

@alibelle Do @MMLitAgency run work experience/internship programs? I would love to become a literary agent and I’m trying to get as much of a foot in the door as possible. (P.S. what was your route to becoming an agent?) Thank you!

Replying to @jplj_

I worked as a bookseller, then assistant to an agent, then I got my current job! My route has been surprisingly smooth so I’m not the best example. I don’t think we do run anything at the moment but I’ll check.

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 1d

Is there a time of year when it's considered a bad time to query? #askagent bookendsliterary.com/2020/01/16/bad…

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 2d

🇵🇷🌻🦋Selena DelValle🌎🦈 @selenadv7

@UweStenderPhD @little_mswriter If agents ask for partials, fulls, or request from pitch events and don't respond even after nudging a couple of times, is it safe to say they're not interested? Always figured if an agent asks for materials, they would respond.

Replying to @selenadv7

If I were you, I would consider it a pass, and frankly, if they requested it, and then can't be bothered to give you the courtesy of a response, I would permanently remove them from any current or future querylists. They'd be dead to me.

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