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Soup. 🌹 @dumbesttimeline

@agentsaba @SIRyder2 If you're struggling for comps, do agents ever take it as arrogance ("this is unique") or ignorance (doesn't read enough)?

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great question -- i wouldn't mention it either way b/c yes, saying something like "my project is too unique for a comp" will come across poorly. but having good comps > not having them, so you'd be at a disadvantage, but i wouldn't make the jump that you're ignorant. #askDVpit

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Moon @__soleilune

@beth_phelan ! #askDVpit…

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a unique situation, so i think there probs isn't a norm re word limit--depends how much it takes to tell the story well. re illos, i think you want a variety of samples done, some sketches, but wouldn't need to have everything #askDVpit

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Moon @__soleilune

@beth_phelan ! #askDVpit…

I think this sort of thing would be challenging in YA now as we're not seeing strong anthology sales even when big authors are attached. That said, if you were submitting, the ms should be done but you can just have sample illustrations (rather than all finished) #askdvpit

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Naomi Craig @theslyeagle

#askDVpit How bad a sign is it when you only get form rejections, even after an MS request?

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Not bad! Getting a ms request is a great sign, but agents can't always take the time they want to take to offer specific feedback in their rejections. Keep submitting! #askDVpit

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S.I. Ryder @SIRyder2

#askDVpit is it important to include comparable titles in the query letter? Can you skip it or is that a bad idea?

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good comps are great + bad comps are worse than no comps (imho) no comps are totally fine if you're genuinely struggling to position it b/c a bad comp -> a poor impression. also feel free to use tv shows/movies if they can speak effectively to an aspect of your project #askDVpit

corvid nineteen @captainsteph · 4d

S.I. Ryder @SIRyder2

#askDVpit is it important to include comparable titles in the query letter? Can you skip it or is that a bad idea?

Not an agent myself, but imo using comp titles shows that you're familiar with the target market and already have a sense of where your book will sit when it's published, which is a good thing to signal. #askdvpit

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Ashwin 🔱 @AshwinWijay

As publishing is a business, along with a strong manuscript how important is the author themselves when sealing a deal? Like whether it be their marketability or social media influence, is it a bonus or a crucial aspect? #askDVpit

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in between? social media is a great place to connect with readers so i love to see authors who do this! but when considering a submission, i definitely check out the author's social media presence, but at the end of the day nothing is more important than the writing! #askDVpit

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kerine. @KayAyDoubleU

I'm interested in publishing a short story collection and would like to know what agents look for in query letters and if having published stories is a plus if I have no previous book publishing experience? #askDVpit

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i would look for overall theme of the collection/what makes it a collection, and what the collection wants to convey. definitely helps if you already have short stories published, and i personally would like to see an unpublished sample and your biblio. #askDVpit

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Emily F. Johnson @LifeMoreSweet

#askDVpit Would my graphic novel be considered #OwnVoices when I'm Native American and my characters are the equivalent of Native people in a fantasy world?

Similar to another answer I gave, but I'd trust someone from a specific culture to adapt their culture sensitively to a fantasy setting than I would someone who's an outsider, which to me means the author's identity is crucial to the storytelling and thus ownvoices #askdvpit

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Katrina🍜 / Bambi 🍡 @bambiATwork

What's the usual time table and process (workflow) to expect after a writer signs with an agent? #askDVpit

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every agent's process/timeline is different -- to get the best sense, ask a wide range of pubbed authors what their timelines were like! not a satisfying answer, i'm afraid, but this is an industry dependent on a lot of free labor and creative productivity so it varies #askDVpit

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Peter Wayne @peterwaynebooks

I queried my manuscript a few times; however, since then, I have gone through severe development edits to make the story more diverse and unique than the one I previously queried.

What would you recommend doing when it comes to querying the same agents again?


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Fantastic! Sounds like you've grown as a writer. If any of the agents said in their rejections they're interested in seeing a revision, get back to them and let them know what you've revised. If not, it's time to research new agents or get to work on something new #askDVpit

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Bridget⁉️🌹 @CuriousArtemis

Why is it crucial that all comps be contemporary? For example, if I'm pitching a queer fantasy Jane Eyre, would it not make sense to mention JE in the pitch? #askDVpit

The purpose of a comp is to say "We know this book is marketable b/c X recently published title sold well." It doesn't mean you shouldn't mention JE (you should if you're adapting it!), but your comps would be other recently published adaptations, not JE itself. #askDVpit

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JaQuette Gilbert @mrsjpgilbert

When pitching a children's PB, is there a particular format that editors prefer? I currently have it organized by pages that I'd like to have side-by-side. #askDVpit

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i just send PB manuscript as straight narratives, unpaginated, with the words meant to go on each page separated by paragraphs -- i'm curious to hear what others think though since i'm fairly new at this #askDVpit

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Evalyn_Broderick @EvalynBroderick

If I have an #ownvoices Jewish book BUT it's sci-fi so it involves the version of Judaism I think will be practiced far in the future is this a crazy turn off and/or no longer ownvoices?

Hm, this is tricky, but in my experience I'd trust a writer from that background to sensitively predict how the religion/culture will adapt far more than I would a writer who wasn't, so imo your identity would still be imp't to the story and I'd still call it ownvoices. #askdvpit

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