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Trident Media Group Literary Agent Mark Gottlieb Explains How Literary Agencies Work: "It is very simple: a #literaryagent exists to provide services to authors. This may include, but is not limited to..."… #askagent

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Julia A Weber @JAWeberEdits

I’ll never tire of sharing this #writingtip on sentence lengths.

"Don't just write words. Write music." #amediting #writingcommmunity

I think about this image regularly. I see a lot of looong sentences in manuscripts. Many are grammatically correct, but not enough attention is paid to the actual reading experience. It means you miss out on this rhythm and music.
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Victoria Loder, Agent @VictoriaLoder_ · 3d

G’morning #WritingCommunity! Today’s advice: the agent’s should never be the second pair of eyes to see your work. #queryadvice #askagent

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LKnerl @LKnerl

@UweStenderPhD Is an agent's website a sign of their level of professionalism and ability to pitch in a modern/digital publishing realm? Or is it superficial to see a crappy site and assume it's related? Some well-established agencies scare me: sites not updated, showing few deals, etc. Thx.

Replying to @LKnerl

I cannot answer that. Check into Publishers Marketplace or Publishers Weekly to see IF deals are happening. If they are, I would not worry about the website. If they aren't, then dig deeper...but don't judge a book by its cover alone.

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Aneta Cruz @AnetaCruz

@UweStenderPhD An agent told me that my artistic choice to use a classic voice for a fairy tale is not the trend right now. I’m deliberately choosing to NOT follow the trend. Is there any market for my work at all, then? (Sorry, I may be venting/throwing myself a pity party 😊)

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Impossible to answer without context. But it is ONE agent's interpretation of your writing and current trends. Another agent may feel differently about the book. If you hear it from 10 agents, then I would take it seriously, but ONE...I would not care for even one second.

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Ollie @AdrianneXBrooks

@UweStenderPhD Oh, ok. I was just wondering since some of the agents I've reached out to in the past request sample pages (usually the first five).

Replying to @AdrianneXBrooks

Oh, ok I misunderstood. Send the first 5, but prologues can be problematic. And since you're wondering if you should include it, you *may* not need it.

Léonicka @leonicka · Apr 12

A tricky thing about querying is it doesn’t seem to be an iterative process. Many agents don’t have time to give feedback so it’s not a good way to get info on how to make your query/work better. HIGHLY rec finding a writing community and doing research online. #askagent

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Léonicka @leonicka

@jewelbarnettphd #askagent For the most part non-fiction is sold on proposal and sample chaps so a full manuscript is not necessary. Fiction generally requires a full manuscript.

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#askagent when writers query w/o a full MS it’s usually due to ignorance of the process. I see writers who also pitch concepts or their full body of work. Typically I add a line to my form rejection telling them to do a bit more research and keep it moving.

Léonicka @leonicka · Apr 12

Jewel Barnett, Ph.D. @jewelbarnettphd

@leonicka Both I'm confused.

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#askagent For the most part non-fiction is sold on proposal and sample chaps so a full manuscript is not necessary. Fiction generally requires a full manuscript.

Léonicka @leonicka · Apr 12

Since y’all have no #askagent questions here are some fun stats from my query pile.
Feb: 9 queries, 2 requests
March: 154 queries, 8 requests, 18 unread
April so far: 48 queries, 2 requests, 20 unread

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