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Zoe Sandler @zosandler · 17 Dec 2018

NY Public Library @nypl

#OnThisDay in 1916, Shirley Jackson was born. If you're looking to start reading her haunting works, we have some suggestions for where to start. on.nypl.org/2EvfbOy

A belated Happy Birthday to Shirley Jackson, whose work I discovered only this year and doing so has made me want to find a modern-day version of her genius #MSWL. 🤞🙌

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · 18 Apr 2018

Sophie Gilbert @sophieGG

On Killing Eve, and why the best shows of 2018 so far have been genre-defying and weird theatlantic.com/entertainment/…

"None of these shows fits neatly into a genre or an awards category. But they all take creative risks that pay off." Which makes them the most fun to watch. (And as books, the most fun to read! #MSWL) Also, major YES to @KillingEve.

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · 14 Jan 2018

An incredible story, wonderfully told. Also, #MSWL. On The Ice 30for30podcasts.com/episodes/on-th…

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · 17 Aug 2017


He met his true love while chasing eclipses. Now they chase them together ti.me/2wj175N

Swoon. Also, they live in Arizona Sky Village, "designed for astronomers who want to make observations with minimal light pollution." #MSWL

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · 27 Jul 2017

I just found out my grandfather was a post-WWII cemetery architect in England. Now I want a novel about a cemetery architect. #MSWL