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Before I close to queries, I really need ALL THE QUEER ROMROMS! All of them. Send to me! I'm desperate to sign a queer romance author who loves romcoms and also Emotions. Lots of feels. 🙏 #MSWL

Shannon Snow
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Associate Agent at CMA, Inc. Bring #romancenovels #ya #historical #suspensenovels #psychologicalthrillers #spacestories #dystopians , #poc and more! Love it all!
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#MSWL really hungry for some great #ya right now of either the #romance or #suspense #thriller variety. Also some great #POC #own stories in the romance or YA areas! Come see me!

Stephanie Stein
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Oddly specific Halloween #mswl: in the mood for... a YA ghost romance? 🤔 Some kind of historical or time-travel shenanigans a plus but not required.

Vicki Lame
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#MSWL YA and adult romance: rom coms, rom sads, contemporary, historical, particularly love enemies to lovers and fake dating (agented only)

Jemiscoe is OPEN to QUERIES! 🍷
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I want a YA or Adult Rom-Com that is so cute, funny, and steamy. If yours includes an interracial relationship, I'll be your best friend! And when it comes to love stories, I am especially open to LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. #MSWL

Lauren Spieller
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Oh to get a lighthearted YA contemp romance that is SO FILLED W/ *ROMANTIC SLOW-BURNING TENSION* that it makes ME want to spend the rest of my days in a secluded forest singing to the stars every night of my ~yearning~ until I’m 1 with the trees

Or something like that.


Editor Christa Soulé Désir
Editor at Sourcebooks. Mentorship founder for BIPOC @tesseraedits . UCLA Writer's Extension instructor. "Well-meaning but deeply flawed." she/her. ENFJ.
Erin Siu
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Currently craving: tragic romance, spooky apparitions, repressed memories, mysteries going back centuries, PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR, "something's wrong with house/person/thing", The Haunting of Bly Manor #MSWL

Lauren Spieller
Literary Agent
Twitter Valkyrie | Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE LEFT + SHE'S THE WORST. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her.
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Writers! I am craving adult books. Send me your contemporary romance + romcoms, your suspense and thrillers, your horror + SFF, and your non-fic as long as it has a platform! I’m also very interested in reading genre bending books, so send those too! #mswl

Kaitlyn Johnson
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In Adult, my main focus will be historical, contemporary romance, and select fantasy/paranormal. Adult is a harder sell for me, so it HAS to really be unique, new, and with strong voice/conflict
#amagenting #querytip #amquerying

Adria Goetz
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KidLit GN @KidLitGN

Wednesday is coming up quickly! Agents and editors, please feel free to post your GN wish list and your submission guidelines. Or your plans to be involved. Let's spread the word! Thanks! #KidLitGN pic.twitter.com/IFvYnMNUq8

So excited for this tomorrow! When it comes to graphic novels, I’m open to a wide range, but here are a few #MSWL items: contemporary with a strong voice/distinctive perspective, historical fiction, accessible fantasy, mystery/anything spooky, romance. ♥️ #KidLitGN

Carrie Pestritto⁷
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Lawsuits aside, I’m really loving the idea of a Victorian romantic mystery series featuring a grown-up version of Enola Holmes. #mswl

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I've been seeing a lot of fantasy in queries and I'd love contemporary in the YA & Adult space! Also, looking for more Women's Fiction, Domestic Suspense (think Dark Places), and Romance! Though less rom-com and more steamy - really, anything that's not too sweet! #mswl

Natascha Morris
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Children's B🎃🎃kshelf @PWKidsBookshelf

Just announced: married authors @NicolaYoon and @davidyoon are launching a YA romance imprint starring heroes of color pwne.ws/3l6aQlU pic.twitter.com/vapFJ6udbQ

I am so excited for this! Romances have been a big #MSWL for me for a while.

2015 editorial assistant me would have loved to work here. 2020 agent me is going to make it a goal to have a book here. Mark me now. I will bend the universe to make this so.

Amy Giuffrida
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2. Adult rom-com or contemporary romance set during the holidays—I love Christmas, but I’d love to see diverse holidays celebrated also.

Ashley Herring Blake🌈
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Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 5.25.21; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | 💖💙💜

Queer. Historical. Romance. F/f, nb/nb, or f/nb. That is all.