Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · Apr 27


Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · Apr 27

A MG with Great British Bake-off vibes. #MSWL

Lori Steel is closed to queries @Bookishsort · Apr 27

In this April homestretch before closing to queries, actively seeking diverse voices across all age audiences. Would love to see contemporary and historical #ownvoices MG stories told w/ distinct voice and plenty of heart & humor. #amquerying #amwriting #weneeddiversebooks #mswl

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · Apr 26

#MSWL A middle grade set in a mountainous coast with setting as character and GORGEOUS writing rocking this vibe

🧼 Lauren Spieller 🖐 @laurenspieller · Apr 24

Please send me a middle grade that takes me on an adventure. I (we) desperately need one. #mswl

Trisha de Guzman @trishadeg · Apr 24

CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP on my #mswl a #contemporary #fantasy #mg that gives me legit creeps. Monsters, ghosts, etc WELCOME

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · Apr 23

In which my affection for Joel Gray only grows...

Playwrights, I am happy to read any Ghostlight YA, middle grade, or picture book manuscripts you write. #amagenting #mswl…

Amy Stern @AmyRStern · Apr 23

In this time of social distancing, i crave a middle grade story about kids in a loving werewolf pack. #mswl #itstechnicallyonlyapuppypile3daysamonth

Kelly Delaney @kellyunderwater · Apr 23

Who’s going to write the great middle grade animal-POV series about the experience of wild animals while humans are in lockdown? I really need to know what the walrus in this article is up to! #mswl…

Laurel Symonds @LaurelSymonds · Apr 22

I’m especially on the lookout for YA rom coms (TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE; RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE), MG contemporary (A SONG FOR A WHALE; EVENTOWN), MG historical (WAR THAT SAVED MY LIFE; PRARIE LOTUS), and graphic novels (NEW KID, LAURA DEAN) #MSWL

Shari Maurer @sharimaurer · Apr 22

#MSWL includes all YA/MG/PB except fantasy. I'm hungry for something that grabs me in from the first line and totally distracts me from COVID worries.

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · Apr 22

Hey #DVPit folks- just a reminder - if I miss your pitch and you think we'd be a good fit, please query! I'm especially hungry for #YA #mystery, #horror, #thriller, #romcom and #MG #horror #humor #graphicnovel right now! #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · Apr 22

And I will most assuredly miss lots of pitches today (yay kids at home!). My queries are open regardless of today's event. I'm always looking for funny, madcap adventures in MG and big sweeping escapist stories in YA (all genres, but not the bloody ones). #DVpit #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Apr 22

If I missed your #DVpit pitch, paste query & 1st 5 pages in email. #A: horror, thriller, cont. romance, rom-com & mystery. #YA: thriller, SFF, horror, cont. & mystery. #MG: SFF, mystery, cont., & horror. #diversity #MSWL #ownvoices querylynnette (@) theseymouragency (.) com

Jessica @jcehare · Apr 22

We're open to submissions! Guidelines here: I'm looking for voice-driven narratives across genres mainly in MG, teen and YA, series & standalone. Drawn to immersive settings. Good writing and strong characters vital. Feel-good and funny esp welcome #MSWL

Kelly Dyksterhouse @KellyDHouse · Apr 21

A year ago today we were enjoying spring break travels with friends. Would give anything to travel again—but can do so through books! Would love a ms involving travel and unexpected adeventure. Bonus if it makes me laugh! #mswl #ya #mg #amagenting

Megan Ilnitzki @megilnit · Apr 20

Spooky MG monster horror in the vein of Goosebumps. #MSWL