Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 19 Oct 2016

Dearest authors & illustrators! My #MSWL post is up! Check it check it! Send me your books!…

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 19 Oct 2016

"Illustrated middle grade! This includes graphic novel projects. Author/illustrators, please!" @MsMariaVicente #MSWL

@ · 13 Sep 2016

Humorous, illustrated gifty books. Send me the book I never knew I needed/the Tumblr I'm jealous I didn't think of. #mswl

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · 13 Sep 2016

Recently signed 3 amazing author-illustrators and looking for more #MSWL

Allison Adler @in_a_partydress · 13 Sep 2016

Illustrated fresh takes on lit or history or biography a la Texts from Jane Eyre or Illustrated Biography of Jane Austen or Primates #MSWL

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · 24 Aug 2016

Requesting > usual from query box today. #MSWL fiction&non-fiction pb,mg,ya,author/illustrators.Adult non-fiction. IP for book licensing.

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 22 Aug 2016

I would really like some good #mg and #ya #graphicnovels submitted to me, quite frankly #mswl Really any genre, go. #illustrators #artists

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks · 13 Jul 2016

Author-illustrators, please find me at www.transatlanticagency. I'm open to queries. #agentlife #mswl

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · 30 Jun 2016

Author/Illustrator MG novel (ex. @JudithRossell Withering-By-Sea) and/or series #MSWL

Linda Camacho @LindaRandom · 30 Jun 2016

And definitely graphic novel illustrator-writers (esp if diverse!!), like my client @katfcomix #MSWL

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 30 Jun 2016

Hilariously dark picture books by author-illustrators (ex. Jon Klassen's Hat series or Lucy Ruth Cummins' A Hungry Lion) #mswl

Anna Olswanger @AnnaOlswanger · 30 Jun 2016

I'm also looking for original board books, NF graphic novels, and illustrators who would like to illustrate NF graphic novel texts. #MSWL

Anna Olswanger @AnnaOlswanger · 30 Jun 2016

As an agent, I'm looking for picture books by author-illustrators and nonfiction for all ages. More at #MSWL