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Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 2d

Hi all 👋

I will be CLOSING to queries on July 16 and reopening on August 6.

I’m giving folks some lead time in case they want to query beforehand, but it’s only a few weeks so don’t stress if you need to wait!

#amquerying #MSWL #querytrenches

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Jul 3

I am absolutely begging folks to please not send me crime fiction.

It’s not helpful for you.
It’s not helpful for me.
I am not your audience.


Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Jun 28

Twilight Zone, Season 2, episode titled “8” is so my ish I can’t even begin to explain #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Jun 25

I've noticed an uptick lately, so just a friendly reminder that I do not allow attachments in queries. Please copy and paste the work into the body of the email.

#MSWL #amquerying

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Jun 22

Just a reminder that in the picture book category I am only looking for author-illustrated works.
Not author only.
Not illustrator only.

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Jun 16

I promise I’m not the right person for military thrillers or cop dramas. Really.


Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Apr 5

Slut-shamey MCs are pretty much an automatic pass from me. #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Mar 29

An accurate comp to Holly Black is something that will *always* turn my head. #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Mar 23

Oh? Sounds like it could be vaguely haunted? Yes, yes. I’m interested. #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Mar 12

Heartily in the mood for a project where setting/atmosphere feels like a character in and of itself.


Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Mar 2

Spooky middle grade is my comfort zone 👻 #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 15 Dec 2019

If you start out with some variation of “so there’s this weird/creepy town” I’m probably already interested. #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 15 Dec 2019

Hey friends👋
A reminder that murder mystery is *NOT* for me! #amquerying #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 18 Oct 2019

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick

I feel really strongly about repping books that deal with teen grief.

I was a teenager when my best friend was murdered. After that happened, it felt like no one knew how to talk to me, or maybe I didn’t know how to talk to them. I’m really not sure. #MSWL (1/?)

Either way, it was incredibly isolating, so I turned to story for comfort and an attempt at understanding.

I want to be able to provide that for other teens—a healthy space to grieve and feel and process what they’re going through. #MSWL (2/2)

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 6 Sep 2019

I’m specifically on the lookout for women and non-binary horror writers. (MG, YA, A)

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 9 Aug 2019

Anthropomorphized animals outside of picture books or early readers are not for me. #MSWL