Hilary Harwell
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I'm currently being very selective in the #middlegrade category, but here I'd happily take a look at #horror, #mysteries, stories with quirky characters a la client @merrill_wyatt 's Sloane and Amelia in forthcoming TANGLED UP IN LUCK. Also, I love humor in middle grade -

Kortney Price
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Literary Agent @belcastr . I tweet about bookish things & my dog 🐶 She/Her
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On the flip side, I'm also looking for YA romance. Particularly if it has an element of humor #MSWL

Saint (S.T.) Gibson
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Author of A DOWRY OF BLOOD and agent, Goodreads Choice Award Finalist, British Fantasy Award Nominee, she/they. Rep: @Literary_Tara .✨ 💌 saint.substack.com

I’m sorry this has turned into a #MSWL account but if you have a book that feels like OVER THE GARDEN WALL please send it my way! It’s my favorite part of autumn! I love its strangeness and its allegory and its quirky humor.

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Associate Agent at Susan Schulman Literary Agency (@SusanSchulman) Former indie bookseller. All thoughts and opinions are my own. she/her

I just did a MASSIVE update to my #MSWL page to hopefully clear up some questions about what I'm looking for. Authors, if your book seems like a good fit, let's chat!

Ismita Hussain
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Literary Agent @greatdoglit Founding Member @DisabilityinPub Open to Queries: querymanager.com/query/IsmitaHu… MSWL & more info on website!
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#WritingCommunity #amquerying I am open to queries so I’ll do a quick #MSWL thread of what I’m looking for:
In Adult- I want to see the best of your literary, gritty, dark (extra points for dark humor!), realist writing. 1/x

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"Health, Wellness, Humor, Sports, Pop Culture, Pop Science, Pop Psychology." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Bibi Lewis
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Sarah Grill
Associate Editor @StMartinsPress . she/her. Avid dog-spotter and Chicago native. Opinions my own but deep dish is better than thin crust.

#MSWL big-hearted, body-positive, representative rom-coms that tackle the ugly and beautiful bits of love with humor. As always, very interested in leads who do not lose weight to find love. As always, very interested in canine co-stars. See: FLOAT PLAN, ONE TO WATCH, Emily Henry

Adria Goetz
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Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz

Since I’m now back open to queries, I’d love to share a bit more about what types of projects I’m currently looking for. Buckle up for a #MSWL thread. 💜

In the PB space, I have 3 top priorities:

1. Stories by BIPOC creators in general, particularly family narratives. I love falling in love with a new fictional family!

2. Humor! I need a good laugh. Kids do, too.

3. MAGIC! Send me magical stories!!! ✨


Kristin Ostby
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Literary (but not particularly Twitterary) agent at Greenhouse. Former children's book editor (S&S, PRH). She/her.
James McGowan
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Anything with the vibes of Only Murders in the Building #MSWL — dark but humorous mysteries with cool, fun hooks

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for 🦉 @CityOwlPress and #MysticOwlBooks . 🦉 INFJ Addicted to 🌞sunshine, ☕️coffee, 🏍motorcycle riding, and ⛺camping.
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#MSWL I'm a sucker for the fish out of water trope, especially if that fish is fresh to a new identity (freshly turned vampire, just found out hidden paranormal genes run in the family, etc). Add humor, and I'm all-in!

Theresa Cole
Acquiring Editor for 🦉 @CityOwlPress and #MysticOwlBooks . 🦉 INFJ Addicted to 🌞sunshine, ☕️coffee, 🏍motorcycle riding, and ⛺camping.
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#MSWL I'll start with the one I've wanted the longest and still haven't found... Someone PLEASE send me a lighthearted, humorous, small-town Paranormal Romance! Think Hart of Dixie + True Blood!

Peter Knapp
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Lit agent with @parkandfine representing kid lit with enthusiasm! petejknapp.com
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I'm eager for fun middle grade series, humorous or not -- but definitely heartfelt. Sweeping worlds, sweeping adventures, kids wrapped up with gods and monsters and magic. Bonus points for fun animal (or magical-creature) sidekick characters! #MSWL

Brit Brooks-Perilli is on hiatus 😴
anime/book/video game nerd. writer, magical girl & Associate Editor @Running_Press & @RP_Kids . (she/they) All views are mine. Avi & art by @JennaRogalski

I love the quirkiness and humor and vibes of TAZ (The Adventure Zone) so much. So if someone wants to send me a YA about a bunch of friends doing their actual play/gaming podcast and just living their best lives I would be forever in your debt. #mswl

Elizabeth Lee
☁️ Editor at Penguin Workshop, an imprint of @penguinteen and @penguinkids ☁️ Opera singer & stress baker ☁️ Author as @elshenwrites She/her #WNDB #POCinPub

I'm also acquiring the select picture book! I'm looking for heartfelt stories about marginalized folks' experiences, nonfiction bios, and laugh-out-loud pbs with sneaky adult humor.


Elizabeth Lee
☁️ Editor at Penguin Workshop, an imprint of @penguinteen and @penguinkids ☁️ Opera singer & stress baker ☁️ Author as @elshenwrites She/her #WNDB #POCinPub

- contemporary, joyful, humorous slice-of-life stories about marginalized characters and their middle school problems
- commercial light fantasy adventures with extraordinary heart
- sister stories, competitor-turned-friend narratives, first crushes


Lisa Green Editor
She/Her Editor for the Mystic Owl line & City Owl Press. Adult only F/SF R querymanager.com/query/lisagree…
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ISO a HOT romance with witches and or ghosts. NA or Adult. 50-75K words. HEA or HFN. Action? Humor? Magic? I'm all in! Query me here: QueryManager.com/LisaGreenQueri… #MSWL

Angela Kim
Also 김미나 🇰🇷 Associate Editor @berkleypub @penguinrandom and HSP. Never not obsessed with my dog. She/her. All opinions are my own!

Romance: I'm looking for contemporary romance and rom-coms with a fresh hook and voice, high concept, as well as clear chemistry. I don't currently have a favorite trope, but I always love tension of all sorts and lots of humor :)

Lauren Spieller is on Instagram
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#mswl! I see a lot of romances about a normal person and a famous person falling for each other, but they rarely nail the weirdness and the humor of the situation the way this does. I really, REALLY want the “com” part.