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Whew, and also, #MSWL but make it horror? 😜🍟

Hannah (Allaman) Hill
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#mswl my kingdom for contemporary MG horror in my inbox... especially with series potential. Excellent ensembles and friendship themes are a bonus!

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associate literary agent + social media @StonesongNYC this account's for lurkin' and workin' opinions mine ⛏
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I think Fresh was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time 😌 please send me your horror in this vein #MSWL

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“Psychological thrillers with elements of horror (light on the gore).” @claire_m_harris #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

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By some miracle, I'm nearly caught up with my queries (not that I'm caught up with my to-read pile!) and I'm really hungry to see some more thriller/suspense/horror in my inbox whether adult or young adult! Also horror/spooky middle grade 👀 #MSWL

Nadia El-Fassi ناديه
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Lovely agents of Twitter, a reminder that I am actively searching for HORROR! Folk, gothic, historical, haunted houses, death cults, deep sea, cosmic. . . if there's a spooky supernatural element, I want it. #MSWL

Erica Bauman
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MG Genres I’m looking for: fantasy, contemporary, mystery, historical, horror, light/near-future sci-fi

YA: fantasy, contemporary, mystery, historical, horror, light sci-fi, romcom

Adult: light SFF, upmarket, horror, romcom

Erica Bauman
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @AevitasCreative , writer, cat lady, musical theater superfan, TV watcher, donut obsessed, she/her. All views are my own.
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-eerie & haunting atmospheric horror where the source of the fear reflects something deeper. No gratuitous violence/gore—I want to be creeped out, not grossed out.
-swoony, sharply funny romcoms w/ chemistry that sizzles

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I keep meaning to post about my new obsession! Give me horror like Archive 81 where the reveals are big, twisting, and consistent #MSWL

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For the UK #amquerying crowd: NOW would be a very good time to send me fun contemporary MG, magical realism MG, YA romance, YA horror or other YA/crossover SFF.

Camille Kellogg
Author of JUST AS YOU ARE (Dial, 2023). Editor at Bloomsbury Children’s. Repped by @AgentJessicaA . She/her.

Agents, I am DYING for some extra creepy MG horror! Particularly commercial stories that are short and sweet. I haven't had nearly enough nightmares lately 🙂 #MSWL

Kelly Lonesome
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the revenge dress sounds like the title of a page-turning novel.

you decide the genre: romantic comedy? thriller? horror?



Paige Terlip
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✨Twisty thrillers that border on horror and delve into the dark depths of the human psyche in new and interesting ways.
✨Give me all the firsts: love, heartbreak, menstruation, sex, loss.
✨Chemistry that can't be denied—even if the that chemistry is initially fueled by hate.

Caitlin White
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I'll start with some things I'd LOVE to see in my query box when I reopen next week: anything in YA you would call creepy, whether horror or thriller. Give me atmosphere and something pacey. #MSWL #AskECLA

Becca Podos
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Have I mentioned lately that I'd love some folk horror/cozy horror submissions from marginalized creators, in both YA and Adult?🙏🏽 #mswl

Michelle Hauck
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Associate Literary Agent with Storm Literary Agency | Author Birth of Saint Series | she/her |

I am officially open to queries! You can query using Query Manager at QueryManager.com/2011

I accept adult SFF, including horror, and adult cozy mystery.

I accept all genre of YA and MG.

I am not looking for PB, NF or graphic novels at this time.