Rachel Mann
Literary Agent
Literary agent | She/her

Graphic novels across the market, but see 🧵 for general themes that I’m interested in.

Literary / commercial-literary erotica. Especially if bi / queer.

‘Accessible’, light historical - both commercial-literary & literary, across adult & YA markets. Especially non-Western.

Ashley Reisinger
Literary Agent
Book Hoarder | Canadian, eh? | Assistant Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Opinions My Own | She/Her

A few things I'd love to see in my inbox right now! #MSWL

YA & A:
-gothic/dark academia vibes
-romance with a spec twist
-"nerdy"/fandom romance (think: comicons, cosplay, fanart/fanfic, D&D)
-contemporary/grounded fantasy

MG & YA:
-graphic novels

Morgan Wilson
Literary Agent
SFF Author. Enby. ND. Demi. @belcastr Agent Apprentice. Host/VA for @itsallinthecard podcast. They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 Layout @ana_scribe

Graphic Novels:

I would love to see this in any of the above age categories, especially if it is fantasy, sci fi or horror. I love manga art styles too! I'd also be open to retellings here esp set in modern day! 10/?

Uwe Stender
Literary Agent
Founder @triadaus , Literary/Film Agent. Herthaner. Berliner Schnauze. Westend. Qualität kommt von Qual. 1982,1991, 2013, 2017. Books, Films, Music. ❤ Berlin ❤
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My current #MSWL . I am in particular looking for YA Thrillers, Romance, Boarding School settings, and Graphic Novels. On the Adult side, I'd love to see more Popular Science and Narrative Nonfiction, as well as Romance, and Thrillers...but there is more! 😎

Sheyla Knigge
Literary Agent
{she/her} @aalitagents literary agent, writer, reader, calendar coordinator, mother, wife of @palemoonboy .

In my pursuit of a graphic novel for a reluctant middle grade reader I realized that there is a shortage of MG horror graphic novels that are RECENT, so with that in mind when I reopen to queries I want that - preferably with an illustrator already attached. Okay, bye! #MSWL

Katherine Harrison
senior editor of ya, middle grade, & picture books (@knopfbfyr), appreciator of scientific oddities, & aspiring drummer // she/they 🌹
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OK here's a free idea from my personal wishlist: a middle grade or YA graphic novel about drama and infighting in a school choir. Doesn't that sound delicious?

Brought to you by someone who got kicked out of sixth grade choir for having an "attitude problem"


Adria Goetz
Literary Agent
A bit of a bookworm. Literary Agent + Fairy Godmother at @PSLiterary . ✨ MSWL: adriagoetz.com.
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I’d also love to work on a MG or YA graphic novel set at a boarding school. #MSWL

Adria Goetz
Literary Agent
A bit of a bookworm. Literary Agent + Fairy Godmother at @PSLiterary . ✨ MSWL: adriagoetz.com.
158 MSWL
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I’d love to work on a Model UN graphic novel! I was a Mary-Kate and Ashley girlie growing up and so I basically just want Winning London but as a YA graphic novel. #MSWL

Jackie Kruzie
Literary Agent
Literary Associate @FocusedArtists

I am excited to announce that I am now a part of the team @FocusedArtists ! With my new role I can expand my #mswl to include children's titles #kidlit is my passion and I am excited to read your stories!

Moe Ferrara
Literary Agent
Senior Literary Agent @BookEndsLit . 🏳️‍🌈 Violinist | Cosplayer | Anglophile | Geek Extraordinaire | Corgi Minion | Wine Enthusiast | Coffee Addict | #TeamMoe
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📚 OGNs: I'm primarily looking for MG/YA graphic novels (preference for author/illustrator, but open to author-only!) As far as what I'm looking for, everything above applies here!

Jynastie Wilson
Literary Agent
a queer escapist | asst. literary agent at @lcsliterary
Naomi Eisenbeiss
Literary Agent
Lit agent @inkwellmanagement // bonsai enthusiast // queries to submissions@inkwellmanagement .com
Hillary Fazzari
Literary Agent
Agent @Bradford_Agents |🗡️📜🏰 Rep’d by @HerringAli

Popping back in to say I AM OPEN TO QUERIES!!!! 🎉

For more on what I'm looking for, visit my #MSWL : manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/hillary-fazzari

I rep MG & YA (all genres, including graphic novels) and am open to select New Adult/Adult work in:
✔️Nonfiction (History)

Page Turner Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Page Turner Literary reps kid lit authors & illustrators. I stand with all people whose right to choose/privacy was taken away. 🏳️‍🌈 (he/him)
Jane Chun
Literary Assistant
Lit agent assistant @janklownesbit . Trying to think of what meme most defines me currently.

Really craving some graphic novel queries to start the new year so if you have one, I'd love to see it! You can see my #MSWL and submissions guidelines here: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/jane-chun/ (Also open to non-GN queries too of course) #writingcommunity #amquerying #amwriting #GraphicNovel

Sera Rivers
Literary Agent
Literary Agent of MG, YA, GN at Martin Literary; MSWL: SeraRivers.com; Writer; Editor; Running Ambassador, reflective apparel, @illumi_nite Tweets are my own.
Corvisiero Agency
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Adam is looking for #MG fiction featuring #LGBTQ characters in the vein of SIMON SORT OF SAYS by Erin Bow! He is especially interested in contemporary, horror, light fantasy, and graphic novels. Check out his #MSWL and querying information below:


Lydia Silver
Literary Agent
Children's Literary Agent at Darley Anderson @DA_Childrens and @Illustration_DA . Bookseller Rising Star 2022. She/her.

Illustrated fiction and graphic novels! These are (obvs) forms rather than genres, so I am open to them across every age group. I love the interplay between words and art and want to see people push the boundaries here. We shouldn't have to give up pictures when we grow up!

Elizabeth Lee
☁️ Editor at Penguin Workshop, an imprint of @penguinteen and @penguinkids ☁️ Opera singer & stress baker ☁️ Author as @elshenwrites She/her #WNDB #POCinPub

-airier, unique, dynamic MG and YA GNs whose art feels purposeful, like this book HAS to be in graphic novel form to shine