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literary agent @ defiore and company. probably meditating in a subway car somewhere 👽

Upper West Side, Manhattan…

DeFiore and Company

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · 4d

Retweeting because I have <10 #OwnVoices submissions in my slush right now and I'm exclusively reviewing OwnVoices…

@JessicaMileo is a genius. hit me w some beautiful #OwnVoices queries 2day & I will respond (not w form letter) by…

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Apr 28

#MSWL books for kids and teens with a Muslim protagonist #ownvoices #querytip

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Apr 27

#MSWL #PB #NF about real historical women: scientists, inventors, witches, etc. who may have been lost to the 'history' as told by White men

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Apr 17

#MSWL a romance that starts on Tinder/OKC/Grinder etc. #Romance #Querytip Something that reeks of millennials, brunch, & rose 🍷

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Mar 30

is there a children's picture book out there about a little girl and her dad playing poker? because that is something i'd like to see #MSWL

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Mar 23

#MSWL commercial women's fiction set in Dallas / Austin. i want charity events, football, and prayer circles, people!

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Oct 13

things are looking rather grim, aren't they? would love to have my day brightened with some uber-good slush ft: lesbians plz #MSWL

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Jul 2 2016

#MSWL books that explore male friendship; what do guys do when the hang out? chat? tell me everything. 👬 #querytip

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Jun 11 2016


Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Jun 4 2016

working through the weekend is hard. but a good #SFF manuscript and old friends sure do help 👯🐉 #amreading also #mswl : books w dragons 🐲

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · May 12 2016

OMG #PitDARK is today! lookin' for a good serial killer fiction & nonfiction #MSWL #querytip

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · May 7 2016

#MSWL a project focusing around nineties fashion #querytip *scours the internet 4 butterfly clips*