Time Travel

Abby Saul @BookySaul · 2 Jul 2016

Time-traveling crime / procedural (ala BBC's Life on Mars, a fave of mine) #MSWL

Oftomes Publishing @oftomes · 17 May 2016

#MSWL #YA FICTION! Looking for Elemental Control! Maybe time travel, retellings or SPACE

Marie Lamba @marielamba · 25 Apr 2016

New Agent Monday post on my slight obsession with #timetravel as both a #literaryagent and author bit.ly/1XRylxs #mswl #Outlander

Christa Heschke @ChristaHeschke · 10 Mar 2016

Fresh take on time travel #MG #YA Not looking for someone going back in time to save world. Think outside the box! BTW love Outlander #MSWL

Diana M. Pho @writersyndrome · 10 Mar 2016

To add, I'm also looking for more sci-fi too, esp posthumanism, near-future, time travel, parallel universes, smart cyberpunk #mswl

Tessa Woodward @TessaofAvonlea · 4 Mar 2016

Also, I'd love to read an amazing Outlander/Sleepy Hollow kind of time travel! #mswl #AskAvonBks #IchabbieFTW

Nicole Payne @tnicolepayne · 8 Jan 2016

#mswl NA/crossover fiction time-travel romance to the biblical times. Bonus points if the character is from that time period. #writepit