Quressa "Tryna be the Beyanna of Agents" Robinson @qnrisawesome · 1d

You know, I'd love to see a near-future fantasy or sci-fi that explores what the world, particularly the US, would look like if black americans got reparations. #MSWL

Kelly @LitAgentKelly · 4d

I'm still running on U.K. time, so I'm a little exhausted, but I'm super excited to be at the Hilton and getting prepped and ready for #WDC18 #pitchSlam tomorrow! If you have MG, YA, or Adult romance, fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, or anything on my #MSWL, come pitch me tomorrow!

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · 5d

"A lot of the most exciting new science fiction books being written today are completely reinventing the genre, though, adding new perspectives and creating entirely new worlds for readers to discover."

Yes! #MSWL for projects like these:…

Sarah McCabe @sarahrmccabe · 6d

So, hear me out—a fantasy/sci-fi kdrama, but in book form. #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · 6d

Lindsey Hall @LindseyHall17

#MSWL fantasy w/ a translator protag. There's so much power in language-- how they translate for a ruler effects a whole kingdom, eg. I want to see the nuances & consequences of deciding how & what to translate, word play between languages, times when translation falls short


I’m a multilingual person who often translates for loved ones whose first language isn’t English. It’s a whole set of social interactions and levels of access to systemic power that shape communities and conflicts.

I’d love to see this examined in #SFF.

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · Aug 7

I need YA mecha sci-fi in my inbox please. #mswl

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Aug 3

Lately video games are BRINGING IT when it comes to emotional family narratives. My goodness.

I’d love to read a SFF novel that gives me the same feels as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. #mswl

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 2

steph @eaumohtz

celebrating Asia 🎆

Someone please write me an epic, thorny, political science fiction or fantasy novel with these protagonists, thanks. #MSWL forever!

Dara Kaye @DaraKaye · Aug 1

Hi! I get this Q a lot, so--

@RossYoon is a nonfiction agency, but I'm expanding my list to include nonfiction + SFF.

Across both, I want to learn surprising things through compelling characters.
For specific examples, check #MSWL

DM pitches👎🏽
Email listed on RYA site 👍🏽

Tamara Kawar @tetrametertalks · Aug 1

I'm now open to submissions! Looking for YA & adult sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction, especially #ownvoices/queer/feminist stories and graphic novels for all ages and across genres.

Send your query letter + first 5 pages to: tkawar at icmpartners dot com. #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Jul 30

Replying to @WilsonChorlton1

Adult: thrillers, psychological suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, & mysteries (traditional, amateur sleuth, & cozy).
YA: thrillers, psychological suspense, horror, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, & contemporary. #diversity #MSWL

Saritza☕️Hernandez @epubagent · Jul 30

NEW BLOG POST: I am expanding my #MSWL to include Horror, SFF, Mystery, Thrillers for Adult and YA. Check out what I'm looking for:…

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · Jul 26

For YA, same kind of deal. Strong voice. Strong concept/plot. Escapism, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative, magical realism—all awesome. Not crazy about depressing, issue-heavy books. No horror/thriller for me. #mswl #ya