Picture books

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · 2d

The weekend is here! Writers: send me AMAZING queries for picture books, middle grade, and YA to read first thing Monday morning! manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/bren… #MSWL

Cyle Young @cyleyoung · 3d

I would love to see some humorous picture book manuscripts! #MSWL #kidlit #kidlitart #picturebook

Jessica Sinsheimer @jsinsheim · 4d

Kristen Schroeder @KLSchroed

@jsinsheim #mswl?

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I mean, yeah, I love pigeons! I would be totally into a picture book about smart city pigeons doing human things. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 11

The stories of #WomenInScience being shared in the hashtag, I want to #MSWL them all (for picture book through YA).

Bethany Morehead @MoreheadBethany · Feb 10

I’m looking for a diverse children’s picture book that doesn’t just tell but shows me a story 💕 #MSWL #ChildrensBooks #literaryagent

Cthulhia McCarthy @thejumbles · Feb 9

Listening to @caetanoveloso on the way to work makes me want to work on a picture book biography of him so badly. #MSWL #LatinX #MusicaBrasileiro

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · Feb 7

Loves, I really want more illustrators on my list, particularly picture book author/illustrators. #mswl Query away! 💚

Alexandra @akaweiss · Feb 2

Like many astronauts, Kalpana Chawla was one of my idols growing up. I would love to find a #kidlit story about her in some way or form. #MSWL #PB #MG
“People remember Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman in space”

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · Jan 24

I would like a picture book about NOLA chef Leah Chase. Preferably written by someone with deep roots in New Orleans. #MSWL 🦐🥘⚜️

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · Jan 22

#MSWL I am activley looking for Creative Non-Fiction Picture Books. Interested in knowing exactley what that means? Take a look here: dawnpub.com/how-to-use-cre…

Creative NF Children's Books were a huge part of my Master's Thesis. I love them, and I'd especially love to rep them!

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · Jan 19

While I'm query diving tonight, I'm also watching Harriet the Spy. This is my childhood in a movie. #MSWL for any Picture Books with Spy themes. Fiction or NF welcome.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Jan 19

"Romance, Literary, Commercial, Suspense, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/