Picture books

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · 3d

#MSWL : a beautiful author-illustrated PB with a fresh & unique art style, like that of my client Moe Bonneau's: https://t.co/WIRRukbE8G

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque · 6d

50 years ago on this date, Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft evasion for refusing to serve. “I aint got no quarr… https://t.co/141yFTMGPM

I'd love to see a picture book focused on this side of Muhammad Ali. #mswl https://t.co/ipjXm5wmT6

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · 1w

Just a reminder that I am actively acquiring religious picture books, particularly Christian + Muslim. :) #mswishlist

#mswl https://t.co/DXnF16PK6K

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · 1w

I'd also love a cute + creepy picture book. (Leo: A Ghost Story by @macbarnett is a recent favorite of mine.) #mswishlist

#mswl https://t.co/WVWPJdTfvm

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 3w

I would love a picture book that introduces logic concepts. Or an MG whose central character applies logic to a complex mystery! #MSWL

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · May 24

Agents! Looking to acquire more picture books, chapter books, MG and YA- See my updated #MSWL profile for details https://t.co/399r3nj9Ky

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 14

"Romance, Literary, Commercial, Suspense, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books." @curtisPSLA #MSWL https://t.co/IFs7dkVwkN

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · May 4

@RivetingRosie Are you still open to picture books?

@Mmvattula Yes, I'm open to picture books! See #MSWL for interests and https://t.co/TeJy03rSBa for submission guidelines.

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque · May 1

I'd love to see more non-dominant perspectives on US history, for picture book thru YA. #mswl

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Apr 27

#MSWL #PB #NF about real historical women: scientists, inventors, witches, etc. who may have been lost to the 'history' as told by White men

Stacey Graham 📚 @staceyigraham · Apr 24

one in every four cowboys was believed to be a Black man released from slavery, despite the stories told in popular… https://t.co/gMUsqF3rMg

#MSWL I have been looking for just the right book on this subject for ages! PB, MG, Adult. https://t.co/yeanaQMZwT

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · Apr 6

A stray #MSWL thought... As I kid, I loooved THE ELEVENTH HOUR. I'd be thrilled to edit a picture book that contains a puzzle to be solved.

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · Apr 3

What I’m looking for in ‘deliciously dark’ picture books and non-fiction biographies #mswl https://t.co/GCAPVprQOh

Ashley Collom @Ashohley · Mar 30

is there a children's picture book out there about a little girl and her dad playing poker? because that is something i'd like to see #MSWL

Sarah Jane Abbott @SarahJaneEyre · Mar 28

Agents: books like this are on my #MSWL forever. Quentin Blake 'We need more disabled children in picture books' https://t.co/CDz5P3MG89

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · Mar 23

Just a friendly reminder that these projects are the top of my wishlist right now. #MSWL https://t.co/ld5Fj2828o

You can also find the items that are at the tippy-top of my #MSWL here #pitmad https://t.co/Id3qf0a1jt

Dana Chidiac @chidiaqian · Mar 20

Arabic Words Illustrated Based On Their Literal Meaning https://t.co/0VGpikn2EP https://t.co/q7AzplYcT4

Well that's about to be an awesome bilingual picture book. #mswl https://t.co/Ib4cpD8qwc