Penny Moore @precociouspenny · Jun 3

Would love to see more YA high fantasy and MG contemporary fantasy in my inbox right now. Blow me away with elaborate worlds and magic, please! #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · May 31

Yesterday in a pretty high level film meeting, the managers told me that they’re hungry for more Afrofuturism.

*pinches self*
*is already awake*

Yeah, so it was already #mswl for me but now it’s even more so. MG, YA, adult sf/f, or graphic novels, please!

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · May 30

#mswl trans MG or YA character teaming with supportive parents to stand against their school inclusion policies

Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · May 30

Having just said that I don't really like animal stories, I would actually love to find a great MG mystery where the characters are all cows or cats or sloths or something - but acting human! #GEAKidLitMay #LiveChat #mswl

Danielle Burby @DanielleBurby · May 30

Things I'm looking for right now: Creepy atmospheric forests, queer love stories, YA and MG fantasy, sister stories, boarding schools, complicated family and friendship dynamics, seaside novels, literary writing with commercial plot, interesting magic, feminism #MSWL

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · May 30

High concept YA/MG fantasy about POCs with gorgeous, literary writing please. #MSWL

Quressa "Tryna be the Beyanna of Agents" Robinson @qnrisawesome · May 29

As someone who was raised by her great grandmother, I'd love to see a MG like Andi Mack. Intergenerational stories are my jam. #mswl

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

Very actively looking for fiction by #actuallyautistic authors with autistic protagonists, especially in middle grade, especially contemporary fiction. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo

I've (finally!) updated my #MSWL page. #amquerying writers, please stop on by to see what I'm looking for!…

My #MSWL includes, among other things: MG/YA fiction & adult fic/NF by authors who are: trans and/or non-binary or otherwise not cis, disabled and/or #actuallyautistic, and/or Indigenous. Including any intersections thereof, & whether or not the work focuses on identity.

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · May 23

I would love to see more MG submissions in my inbox. Realistic, historical, magical, scientific, adventurous--whatever you've got, I want to see it! #mswl

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · May 22

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix

-And a shoutout to siblings, family members, & support people of non-NT people. I know how much you care, how deeply you love, how powerfully you advocate and support.

And #MSWL: #ownvoices middle grade stories about non-neurotypical life in middle school, because I can only imagine what navigating those halls is like for my oldest child, and wish his peers had more empathy than judgment when witnessing his distress.

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · May 21

Updated my #MSWL page:…
I am currently looking:
Children's: PB, MG, YA Fiction and Non-Fiction
Adult: Non-Fiction only. Open to almost anything but author must have a platform, be it as a subject matter expert and/or an online following.

Lit Agent M Gottlieb @Mark_Gottlieb · May 21

In search of a Japanese, or half-Japanese, author to write a #MiddleGrade #Fantasy about the Heikegani and The Tale of the Heike. #MSWL #ManuscriptWishList #MGLit #KidLit #SFF #SCBWI

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 20

"I’d love to see more Middle Grade horror. A spooky, character-driven series or stories inspired by creepy lore." @msmariavicente #MSWL