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President/literary agent with Talcott Notch Literary. Great books are my happy place. Chocolate addict. Basset lover. Working from a circa 1770 building!


Talcott Notch Literary

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · Oct 8

#MSWL I'd love to see more timely and topical MG nonfiction! Climate, immigration, women's rights, sexual identity, economics, as well as books on role models. Plus fun nonfiction on topics kids love, like animals and weird science and history!

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · May 9

I’d love an MG series proposal based on Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street Irregulars. Street-smart poor kids who help solve crimes while facing the harsh realities of their lives. #MSWL

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 8 Feb 2017

I'm always open to YA/MG featuring characters from underrepresented groups, including the impoverished and those in the justice system #MSWL

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 8 Feb 2017

I'm looking for psychological suspense, especially those that demonstrate the indomitable courage of mother/family love. #MSWL

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 13 Sep 2016

Writing dark? I'd love some really dark psychological thrillers/horror. I LOVED Josh Malerman's BIRD BOX! #MSWL

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 16 Mar 2016

#MSWL I would LOVE an adult nonfic proposal about tiny houses! I CANNOT get enough of them!

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 18 Feb 2016

#MSWL Would love a cozy mystery series featuring a pair of female house cleaners.Castle meets Merry Maids.By-the-book cop boyfriend a plus!

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 11 Feb 2016

Always up for more YA horror and dark psychological suspense! #mswl #YA

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 11 Feb 2016

More humorous cozy mysteries, ghostly sidekicks a plus! #mswl #mystery

Gina Panettieri @ginapanettieri · 11 Feb 2016

Love YA and MG protags dealing with unique medical, emotional and psych issues. #MSWL #YA #MG