High Concept

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 2w

A romantic comedy that is actually both romantic and funny and maybe even high concept, a la my favorites the @fuggirls ROYAL WE. #mswl

Laura Biagi @LauraJBiagi · 2w

On the lookout for some great high concept YA or MG -- fantasy, magical realism, speculative #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 2w

Upper MG with a whimsical, high-concept premise, lots of adventure and action, and smart, capable, diverse characters. #MSWL

Victoria Marini @LitAgentMarini · 2w

#MSWL lush YA fantasy w/ a fresh concept a la WINTERSONG and high concept voicey contemp with killer characters a la John Corey Whaley

Carlie Webber @carliebeth · 2w

High-concept YA of any genre, though there's a special place in my heart for contemporary #MSWL

Stephen Morgan @Stephen_Edits · 2w

#MSWL I need high concept submissions for our Teen/Crush/Crave lines. The premise itself needs to stand out. Strong romantic conflict.

TracyMontoya @TracyMontoya · 2w

#MSWL Scottish or Irish heroes. Romance set in France or Italy. Regency suspense or Regency vampire novel. Anything high concept!

Awnna Marie Evans @SMAEvans · 2w

#MSWL #R Any high-concept piece you think might fit Entangled Teen will be perfect for me!

Alycia Tornetta @Weechagirl · 2w

#MSWL fantasy YA with an epic romance and a very high-concept. Preferably slow burn. Nothing set contemporary.

Alycia Tornetta @Weechagirl · 2w

#MSWL LGBTQA always welcome. I’d love some YA f/f retellings or a great, high concept contemporary YA.

Sam Morgan @samroebuck · 2w

#mswl high concept brainy FUN situations asking the BIG questions like "The Good Place"

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 2w

For YA, I'm really into sci-fi and survival thrillers right now. High concept with appealing, unique hooks #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 2w

Tip: I have more room on my list for MG than YA right now. Diverse, plot-driven, imaginative, high-concept, heartfelt. Hit me. #MSWL

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks · 2w

#MSWL MG/YA fiction high-conceptl but w/fully-dimensional characters, ie intersection of literary/commercial. Twisty plots no horror or SF

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 2w

For MG/YA, I’m looking for high-concept or commercial-leaning fiction. Good plots and good twists. Not picky on genre (but NO horror). #MSWL

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 3w

Seeking upmarket/structurally interesting/sweeping love stories of all kinds. #MSWL : a high concept LGBTQ love story in the vein of ONE DAY.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 3w

"Illustrated picture books (by professional illustrators) that are high concept & character-driven (nothing didactic)" @msmariavicente #MSWL

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 4w

And I'm still looking for a sexy, laugh-out-loud, high concept, small town adult romance #mswl