Graphic Novels

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 9

For writers, we'd like to see graphic novel scripts. Guidelines here: #MSWL

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · Feb 8

#mswl #ya #mg #pb #graphicnovels - would be into some immigration stories & protags w/ non-Christian beliefs (esp mg graphic novel)

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · Feb 8

#mswl graphic novels for #mg and #ya please, especially if an author/ illustrator

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Feb 8

Also open to graphic novel projects (preferably illustrated). YA or MG. #MSWL

Emmanuelle Morgen @EmMorgen · Feb 8

...horror/suspense, and graphic novel/memoir a la Bechdel, Satrapi, Craig Thompson. #MSWL

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · Nov 13

Friends, we need harlequin figures in media now more than ever. Especially non-dude harlequin figures. Tricksters. Instigators. Irreverence.

#mswl #mg #ya #pb #graphicnovels Send them my way, please. #myheart

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Oct 19

"Illustrated middle grade! This includes graphic novel projects. Author/illustrators, please!" @MsMariaVicente #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Sep 15

OH! ONE MORE THING: It's not just novels this year. We're also looking for graphic novel scripts. #NewVisionsAward #MSWL #ownvoices

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Sep 13

Illustrated middle grade! This includes graphic novel projects. Author/illustrators, please! #MSWL

Heather Alexander @HeatherAlexand · Sep 13

Are you working on a coming of age graphic novel? Lemme see it! #MSWL #MG #YA

Adam the Wilson @AdamDetritus · Sep 13

#MSWL Bold voices in literary leaning / elevated genre novels, speculative fic, graphic novels for @Gallery_13 , dark, darkly humorous.

Tu Books @tubooks · Sep 13

We are looking for MG & YA graphic novels & novels from unpubbed US-resident authors of color. #MSWL

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Aug 25

Good news: after a weekend away I have found my new calling in the lesbian hillbilly militia.

Words cannot convey how much I want a #Lumberjanes -y MG graphic novel about L/B/Q farmer resistance fighters #mswl

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · Aug 22

I would really like some good #mg and #ya #graphicnovels submitted to me, quite frankly #mswl Really any genre, go. #illustrators #artists

Jordan Hamessley @thejordache · Aug 8 2016

Agents! I'm looking for graphic novel/hybrid-illustrated middle grade novels. What do you got for me? #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Jul 22 2016

Today we are talking about Pingyang, army-mustering teenage military strategist who overthrew a tyrant in Imperial China. And we’re off!

Amazing. Someone, send it to me in form of a YA novel or graphic novel. h/t @crashwong #MSWL #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Jul 17 2016

By the way, I would really LOVE to see some diverse MG and YA graphic novels. #MSWL

Yali Books @YaliBooks · Jun 30 2016

Graphic novels that are not afraid to explore difficult contemporary South Asian & diaspora issues. #MSWL