Erotic Romance

Kelly @YAFantasyFan · 1h

Guys, I really, really want a well written cowboy or geeky romance right now. Totally open to slightly erotic romance too. #MSWL

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · 6d

Obsessively listening to Falsettos, I want a contentious m/m erotic romance relationship. #MSWL (inspiration:

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · Jun 29

What is currently on your wishlist? #BookEndsChat

@vanessaepeay Still looking for a voicey/dark MG (a la Coraline), YA Leverage, and a m/m erotic romance fairy tale…

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Jun 28

I'm looking for erotic romance for @entangledpub , all genres. Have something? Send it to my attention! #mswl

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · May 26

Seeing a junior production of beauty and the beast reminds me how I still want my m/m erotic romance version plz. #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · May 23

I'm still on the hunt for erotic romance! Have you checked out @ScorchedBooks 's guidelines? #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · May 12

I'm looking for all the erotic, steamy romance for @entangledpub 's @ScorchedBooks . HEA/HFN required. #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Apr 6

Guys. I really need some more erotic romance submissions for @entangledpub in my life. Particularly menage w HEA for all 3. #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Feb 21

I REALLY need someone to write me an erotic romance with "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran as the inspiration. That song is SO sexy, y'all. #mswl

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · Feb 8

Always looking for contemporary erotic romance, ESPECIALLY with taboo relationships in LGBT & trio pairings. (can be BDSM or vanilla) #MSWL

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · Jan 27

#mswl romance - cont, hist, susp, sci-fi, erotic(all heat levels), PN, fant - subs reopen Feb 1/17 check guidelines

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · Sep 13

I know many a @CarinaPress editor (including me, pick me!) who'd fight over your erotic ménage/poly romance. #mswl

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · Sep 13

I'd love to see erotic romances of any genre featuring m/f, m/m, f/f, m/m/f, or m/f/m. Particularly m/m/f. #MSWL @entangledpub

Laura Zats @LZats · Sep 13

Show me your gorgeous, lyrical writing in an erotic romance. #MSWL

Rhonda Stapleton @RhondaEdits · Sep 13

I joked about it before, but I'd totally love a M/M Top Gun ero rom. lol YASSS #MSWL

Rhonda Stapleton @RhondaEdits · Sep 13

I talk a lot about ero rom, but I also LOVE romance that is just steamy or sexy, so long as there's great sexual tension! #MSWL

Rhonda Stapleton @RhondaEdits · Sep 13

OMG know what I want? A M/M marriage of convenience ero rom novel. YASSS *grabby hands* Someone write this for me!! lol #MSWL