Kat Enright @katenright · May 24

I am also very interested in ROMANCE. If you have an swoony romances--particularly queer romances--I am interested in seeing them! I am open to historical, contemporary, and paranormal so please hit me up! #MSWL

Kat Enright @katenright · May 24

If you like your contemporaries mixed with a little bit of magic--well, I love that too! Especially if you have some kind of F/F witch book up your sleeve. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

I badly want your contemporary adult romance with heroes and/or heroines who are from marginalized communities. I know traditional romance publishing has not always been welcoming, and I respect authors who prefer to self-publish, but if you want to try, I want to try. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · May 23

Very actively looking for fiction by #actuallyautistic authors with autistic protagonists, especially in middle grade, especially contemporary fiction. #MSWL

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · May 23

A #MSWL from me: I would really LOVE to receive some really smart, funny Contemporary YA submissions. Books that make you laugh AND think. Along the lines of, i.e.: "I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE," or "WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI," or "THE LAKE EFFECT."

Kat Brzozowski @KatBrzozowski · May 23

Really craving edgy, messy characters in my YA manuscripts - especially young women who make mistakes and fail and try and succeed. Send me some messy YA contemps, people!

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell · May 22

Witness Protection without the suspense/danger angle would still be a really juicy story. A great conflict & roadblock to love when you can't tell your potential love who you really are. Would love to see this for Love Inspired (contemp, insp. romance, 55k words). #MSWL

John Cusick @johnmcusick · May 17

It's #MSWL time! I'm on the hunt for contemporary middle-grade, and middle-grade with speculative or magical realism elements. Sound like your book? Hit me up.

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · May 17

If I missed your #PitDark pitch, send query & 1st 5 pages in body of email: querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com. Adult: fantasy, thriller, contemporary romance, rom-com, mystery & sci-fi. YA: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, contemporary, thriller, historical & mystery. #MSWL

Kat Enright @katenright · May 16

Great news! I'm now officially up on the #MSWL website. Feel free to check out my bio, and if your project matches my interests, I'd love to see your query in my inbox.…

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 15

I would also love a contemporary romance with royals. #MSWL Kate Middleton style.

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · May 15

In honor of the upcoming royal wedding, I’d love to see a modern day royalty related contemporary YA romance featuring POCs in my inbox!!! #MSWL

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · May 15

Guys, I’d really love to see some more MG/YA Contemporaries in my inbox. #MSWL

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · May 14

Contemporary stories featuring teens with unique jobs! (Still looking for my Renaissance Fair book!) #MSWL