Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · 1w

A crossover contemporary of Good Kids (2016) meets Girls Trip (2017), danceoff and all. #MSWL

Lauren Abramo @LaurenAbramo · 1w

Always looking for #ownvoices #actuallyautistic contemporary fiction in MG, YA, and adult. Adventure/fantasy in MG as well. #MSWL

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 1w

My #MSWL = contemporary YA romance (any gender combination) of ComicCon meets Renaissance Festival

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · 1w

#MSWL - YA contemporary that is funny and has the anything-is-possible energy of our teenage years:…

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 1w

Clarifying earlier tweet--I want anything and everything Middle Grade. Contemp, fantasy, name it, I want to read it. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · 1w

Swoony contemporary YA in the vein of Jenny Han #MSWL

John M. Cusick @johnmcusick · 1w

I am on a serious hunt for middle-grade. Fantasy, contemporary, character-driven, action-packed. You name it. #MSWL

Gen Gagne-Hawes @genevievejude · 1w

Literary historical or contemporary fiction about the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban-American experience. #MSWL

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · 1w

Give me a contemporary-set crossover with a badass, sassy protagonist like Wynonna Earp. Can have light fantasy or sci-fi elements. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · 1w

I would love a speculative or fantasy #YA #MG that is actually contemp--because really horrors exist & aren't theoretical. #mswl

Kelly @YAFantasyFan · 1w

I've also had an uptake in Contemporary recently! When the pendulum swings one way, it must swing back. Where's my fantasy at? #MSWL

Bridget Smith @bredalot · 1w

First: still looking for the f/f contemp YA of my dreams; funny, warm, layered, & more "coming of age" than "romance." #mswl

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · 1w

Stories about siblings in competition. Anything from Three Dark Crows to YA contemp sports. #mswl

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 1w

Romeo and Juliet inspired LGBT contemporary #YA romance. #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 1w

I want a contemporary romance that makes me so happy. I already have 2, but I need MORE. #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 1w

Contemporary YA romances that feel MODERN. Hungry for any cute, swoony romances with great chemistry. Straight and LGBTQ. #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 1w

I always always love contemporaries (YA/MG) with splashes of extra (sci-fi, fantasy, etc). Just good, commercial hooks. #MSWL