Leon Husock @LeonHusock · 13 Jan 2016

2/2 then has to figure out what to do with her next year (gets a part time job, meets unexpected love interest, etc.) #MSWL

Leon Husock @LeonHusock · 13 Jan 2016

YA contemp I would love to see: overachieving teen girl stereotype only applies to ivy leagues, doesn't get in anywhere 1/2 #MSWL

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 8 Jan 2016

2016 Wishlist: I thought I would list a couple of things I really want to see more of this year... #mswl

Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · 8 Jan 2016

#MSWL I'm very open to manuscripts--especially Fantasy and Contemp-- with characters of different faiths from diverse backgrounds. #YA #MG

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel · 7 Jan 2016

Starting to get the hang of this being back at work thing. Crossing fingers 2016 will bring me amazing YA contemporary and fantasy #MSWL

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · 7 Jan 2016

#mswl -- also always looking for contemporary YA with a speculative twist.…

Jo Unwin @jounwin · 7 Jan 2016

Would love to read a story of a contemporary Muslim family/person with no mention of radicalisation or jihad FPS (for Pete's sake) #mswl