Max Sinsheimer @msin10 · 20 Dec 2019

Just signed my third Steve. Don’t know how many more Steves my small list can carry. Authors not named Steve: I’m open for submissions! (Also open to Steves with extraordinarily good #nonfiction manuscripts.) #mswl #querying #literary

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · 20 Dec 2019

Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries until 1/1/20~ @erin_clyburn

Her other book, THE AGE OF MIRACLES, is similarly dazzling.

This is top of the list for things I’d love to see in my inbox for ‘20: sci-fi that puts the SFF elements as the backdrop for telling stories about humanity. #MSWL

For instance...

TAOM is a teen coming-of-age story—but the Earth’s rotation is slowing. In THE DREAMERS, shifting family dynamics are painted on the canvas of a town quarantined bc of a sleeping sickness.


Send me this please. #MSWL

Nightfire Books @TorNightfire · 20 Dec 2019

Bringing you #FF #followfriday vibes to (re)introduce you to some of our editorial team here at Nightfire: @kellyoc5, @_kristintemple, @dianagill, @writersyndrome, @maseditor, & @pnh. Keep them in mind for horror submissions. #mswl

Rach Crawford @RachAC · 20 Dec 2019

The thing I want when I say climate fiction, eco-fiction, even more than work that imagines futures, is work that grapples with the overwhelming grief & anger, confusion, guilt, of being a person now. It's crushing, & I crave the mirror of fiction. #mswl

Carolina Ortiz @pushthepanorama · 19 Dec 2019

A reminder to all that I am ALWAYS looking for own voices genderqueer, trans, and non-binary submissions in children’s and across genres #mswl

Elise Proulx @elisepro · 19 Dec 2019

Hi Twittervers: A little addendum to my previous #mswl -- unfortunately, I'm not looking for horror, sci fi, YA, middle grade, or children's books. Feel free to contact me at the email in my profile!

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 19 Dec 2019

It's almost the holidays and what I want in the new year is progressive and diverse stories that can be comped to shoujo manga. I want a middle grade Magical Girl story y'all. #mswl

Elise Proulx @elisepro · 18 Dec 2019

Hi Twitterverse: thrilled to announce I'm scouting for Hill Nadell agency in LA. Here's my #mswl: Literary fiction (broad, I know); thrillers with great character development and female leads (think Tana French); memoirs with a focus on the natural world (think H Is for Hawk) 📚

Rachel Cone-Gorham @rcgnyc · 18 Dec 2019

Send all the books my way. My end of year agent #MSWL includes literary fiction that is compulsively readable, stories that make me shed both sad & happy tears, suspenseful smart plots set in unexpected places, and characters that come of age in the glitz and glam of NYC. ❤️