Maura Kye-Casella
Literary Agent
Literary agent at Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

I love seeing all these great pitches at #PitMad!

With regards to #MG #mswl I'm especially looking for #DiverseVoices #BVM #POC all #OwnVoices

Kari Erickson
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Literary Agent & Rights Associate @HillNadell by day. Freelancer by night. Reader 24/7. QueryMe.Online/KariErickson
Hilary Harwell
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Literary Agent @KTLiterary | Children's Writer | Seeker of profundity, sunshine, fun, and good books. She/her. Query me: hilaryquery at
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esp #ownvoices; Author/Illustrators (PBs, CBs, GNs); #ownvoices Southern Gothic (Cajun/Creole/BIPOC) YA or MG; original, inventive MG fantasy - show me a world no one's ever thought of before. #MSWL

Lynnette Novak
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Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. I'm actively building my list. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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If I missed your #PitMad pitch, paste query & 1st 5 pages in email. #A: horror, thriller, cont. romance, & mystery. #YA: thriller, horror, SFF, mystery, & cont. #MG: SFF, mystery, cont., & horror. #PB #ownvoices #diversity #MSWL #BVM querylynnette (@) theseymouragency (.) com

Ann Leslie Tuttle
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @DGandBTweets ; specializing in romance/women’s fiction/Southern Gothics and Middle Grade. Former editor.

#MSWL. Would to see stories from diverse and #ownvoices authors in #PitMad or whenever you are ready to start querying. As always, I enjoy working with both established and debut writers who have unique and compelling stories to tell.

Claire Harris
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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Things I'm always looking for:
- #ownvoices stories
- strong writing
- compelling, realistic characters / dialogue

Things I'm not currently looking for:
- young adult
- scifi / fantasy
- memoirs


Larissa Melo Pienkowski
Literary Agent
latinx literary agent @JillGrinbergLit . writer. editor. asst publisher. ceramicist. she/her 🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷🇵🇱 #LatinxinPub #PocPub #WeNeedDiverseBooks

✨ quirky/haunting MG set in new england (born-and-raised masshole here)
✨ vibrant MG adventures exploring black + brown joy
✨ LGBTQ+ historical fiction, especially in non-western contexts
#ownvoices stories by indigenous people (2/7)

Tara Gilbert ✨semi-hiatus
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Indigenous stories by actual indigenous authors. Any genre in MG, YA, and adult. #MSWL

Jas Perry
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @ktliterary (OPEN to queries from BIPOC) • MG/YA/Graphic Novels • @DiverseBooks alum • formerly @AALBooks @LevineQuerido • Nisei 🇯🇵🏳️‍🌈
beth phelan
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mg & ya literary agent (closed to unsolicited submissions). she/her. creator of #DVpit (@DVpit_) & @DV_con . abolish police. JKR is a TERF. opinions are my own.
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i am still closed and catching up on lots of reading, but.... if you have a YA or MG with monsters rooted in underrepresented mythologies/cultures/folklore/history (#ownvoices only please)... well, i'd like to see that. can be fantasy or contemporary! #mswl

Hannah VanVels ❄️⛄️
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Ali Herring
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Asst. Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1. Eclectic in life & books. I 💙 Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. Uses ‘ya'll.’ Proud Atlantan.
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Ali Herring (is closed to queries) @HerringAli

#MSWL but in books. PLEASE.

#SFF #fantasy #scifi #POC #black #characters YA AND Adult.…

Absolutely love creators writing stories that reflect the diversity of the world we live in, but I’d be remiss to say that I wasn’t highly interested in seeing stories like these written by diverse creators themselves. #MSWL

Mara Delgado-Sánchez
Assistant Editor
Puertorriqueña. Assistant Editor @stmartinspress | @wednesdaybooks . Tia @lasmusasbooks . Exactly that witch. MFA in Creative Writing. Opinions mine. (she/her)
Stefanie Lieberman
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Obsessed Reader and Life-long Four Eyes
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samantha s. fabien⚜️
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✞ 🇭🇹 Literary Agent @RootLiterary . Pan🌈. I’m the ultimate hype woman™️ for great people & great books— she/her✨📚🌗
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Dear #amwriting #amquerying community,

I'm really looking for Black witches/psychics in contemporary fantasy (adult, YA, or MG), plus size MCs, YA and adult thrillers/suspense, and please keep sending these #ownvoices LGBTQIA+ and disability rep books. #MSWL


Savannah Brooks
Literary Agent
associate agent at @jdlitagency // essayist // MMA fighter // mom to one (1) bicycle, one (1) motorcycle, and two (2) rats 🐀 // she/her 🏳️‍🌈
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Adult: I'm technically open to it, because who knows what I'll find, but it's a super hard sell. I'm only interested in #ownvoices projects that walk the line of being funny and lighthearted while still adding to a larger sociopolitical conversation.

Savannah Brooks
Literary Agent
associate agent at @jdlitagency // essayist // MMA fighter // mom to one (1) bicycle, one (1) motorcycle, and two (2) rats 🐀 // she/her 🏳️‍🌈
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Savannah Brooks 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @slbrooks91

If you're thinking of querying me but don't know if your project is a fit, here's some #MSWL framing that should help:

For PB, I want 1) content that looks seriously at sociopolitical realities that kids face, ultimately ending with empowerment and hope, 2) stories that teach readers about a new place and/or culture, 3) nonfiction that delights and inspires. Only interested in #ownvoices.

Ronald Gerber
Literary Agent
Literary agent & rights manager at Lowenstein Associates. Kew Gardens resident. Full-time Bruce Springsteen fan. Opinions are my own.
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The middle grade in my query inbox has dropped off a lot the past few months. Please send me your middle grade, folks! Especially contemporary and #ownvoices! #MSWL #amquerying

Heather Cashman
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all things wordy generally nerdy literary agent, agent mentor @StormLiterary motorcycling | kayaking | writing
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“Something exploring ability/disability – #OWNVOICES non-fiction or fiction but my taste skews more commercial, not literary.” @carlywatters #MSWL